Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday everyone, thanks for stopping by. Are your tulips in bloom yet?  Loving these rusty, vintage looking pink ones at the fabulous Market Imports here in Raleigh.

They also have garden 'stuff' like you've never seen - acres of pottery, metal, animals, fountains, statues........and a huge flock of very pink flamingos.  I hope to see these gorgeous birds by the zillion when flying over the Okavango Delta in Botswana next month!

Those ceramic pots above are actually fountains. 
Inside the store, lots of imported items.  Love the green jars with metal lids, but look at those old Asian pink window shutters - wouldn't they be fun to play with!

I'll be sharing more interesting finds from Market Imports soon.  One can spend hours there as the stock is huge and many items quite unusual. 

Head on over now to visit our Pink Saturday hostess Beverly at How Sweet The Sound - lots more lovely pink to see.


  1. 0h, Mary! What a great place - I wish I could visit. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday Mary...
    I love this post, and I love your new title also. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    I adore flamingos. Have several in my backyard and a few strolling around the inside of the house. They are just so stinkin cute. Thank you for sharing this special visit with me today. I have so enjoyed myself.

    I see a new pic. of Miss Jasmin and her precious Razzy. Lovely. Please tell her hello for me.

    Have a gorgeous day my sweet friend. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  3. A great store and great pinks!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Mary. I love this place, too. And, I've actually been entertaining the idea of a pink flamingo. I think one would be perfect a the foot of the bridge that cross our creek bed.

  5. How fun! I have never actually been in there! Mom was so excited by your visit yesterday! Thank you for being such a great friend!!

  6. Hello dear! Good morning! Lovely pink things on the post today. I'm getting ready to meet you and Mary Ann soon! Looking forward to it! Love, Vanessa

  7. Wish I could go there; it looks like so much fun! No tulips here yet, but daffodils and PJM Rhodies and forsythia...the combo just shouts "spring".

  8. Love the rusty tulips and would love to shop there!!

  9. I WISH my tulips were in bloom. Soon. Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. What a great place, cute tulips, looking forward to seeing more.

  11. I love what you share. I think I must go in search of some pink today. Yes, the tulips are blooming and oh so beautiful!

  12. What a lovely post!

    I really even like the pink flamingo :)

    If you ever have a moment would love for you to stop by and join in our fun on Friday -- Finding beauty... you would be a perfect person as your work is just that. :)


  13. Good new pinks!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a super great extra special wonderful weekend!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Love those pinks - especially the shutters.
    The Wisteria - just beautiful. Ours finally began to bloom in earnest last year, after 11 years. We won't see blooms until late May or early June.

  15. You changed your name? Glad I found you again. I was so blessed to meet the lovely Jeanne on my birthday party rounds. She is so so special. I have some cool flamingos from Fla. to share soon. I love those shutters.
    Have fun with the girls.
    Love Claudie

  16. Happy Pink Saturday, Mary! Pretty blog! Love the colors and the header! Lots of pink pretties! Those tulips are crazy fun and I love those shutters!

    Have a lovely "pink" weekend!


  17. Mary, what fun pinks you've found to share with us. I think it would be fun to incorporate those pink shutters someplace. Glad you are back with a new blog. I sent an email recently. Hope it reached you.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  18. I wish I could have tagged along with you. Looks like a fun time.
    Joyce M

  19. Mary, thank you so much for stopping by and greeting me in my first PS.
    Your pictures are really lovely and I think you had the best time on this little "treasure hunt". I really love these types of shops.
    Hope to see you next Saturday, but until then, have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Erika

  20. I don't have tulips of any kind, so thank you for sharing yours. Love that flamingo too!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  21. Oh that looks like a fun place to explore, I love the green jars, too, and the shutters, yes those would be fun to play with. Looking forward to what else you have found.

  22. I have to keep my husband out of garden places like this one! We'd have stone statues all over the place if I didn't!

    Thanks so much for your sweet birthday wishes. I had a lovely one this year!

  23. Hi Mary,

    Oh my goodness - I am just now getting caught up on blog visits and love your new blog. The banner is beautiful and as usual your photographs are fabulous. Love - love the old faded pinks you found - the pink shutters are my favorites - so soft and weathered. Also love the old horse shoe you used for a paperweight.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your flea market photos.
    Have a lovely week.

  24. Your blog is beautiful. Happy belated Pink Saturday.



  25. Hi Mary, another shopping experience that sounds so interesting. Somehow I must find time to visit Raleigh again. I love the tulips and all the pink items you shared. It puts me in mind of Suzanna's place.

    Your new blog is fun and I think you are enjoying it too. I'm glad.

    My cousin Marilyn is here until this Thursday. Then some time at last to do some gardening etc. I am chomping at the bit to get the garden gloves on and get some new flowers planted. Last summer was a lost cause in the garden because we were out West for so long. Plus my computer time is less with company to entertain. I am just now working on PS visits.

    Have a happy day tomorrow.
    love and hugs, Jeanne


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