Friday, April 2, 2010

Springtime in Paris.....long distance

I would give anything to be enjoying Spring in Paris right now. In fact I would love to be back in Paris at any time of year!  Instead, I'm enjoying my sweet new 'Printemps a Paris 1827' pillow cover recently purchased from Jackie at Wren's Nest.  Just perfect for my French bergere chair.

I also bought the tea stained, ruffled edged tea towel with the fabulous crown motif.  Visit Jackie's online shop for sweet French treasures.

Using the Blogger in Draft setting has me a little perturbed.  I do like the ease of posting photos in any size, but don't like that there seems to be no way to spellcheck - no button appears in the posting toolbar! 

I think perhaps I prefer the old way of posting but don't seem to be able to get it back again!  Anyone know how to do that by chance?

Also, I'm interested in knowing your preference for photo size.  Do you like the X-large display such as the photo of the rabbits, or do you prefer the regular large setting as in the pillow photos?  Personally I like to see details up close in X-large......but admit it can be annoying not being able to view the entire photo without having to scroll up and down.  (Because I often crop/edit images, it's not always possible to click on and enlarge them).

OK dear friends, leave a comment and tell me what you prefer please.  Of course a mix of pic sizes is always possible too!  Also, let me know if you utilize Blogger in Draft and what you think about it!


  1. Hi Mary - the pillow looks SO perfect on your chair! I also wanted to let you know how much I appareciated your sweet sweet note and how much it means that you took the time to write it! Thank you so much and happy April!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family from Italy!

  3. Happy Easter! Hope you have a blessed weekend. Look forward to seeing you next week.

  4. Hi Mary - first of all, the pillow is beautiful!

    I don't use blogger in draft, but I do post larger photos now and I really like them. I like seeing them on other blogs (that's where I got the idea) because I see more detail. So, I vote for larger photos.

    When I went back to some older posts on my blog recently, I saw the smaller photos I used to use. I'm much happier with the new size.


  5. As I can't send an Easter card on here - go check your emails!

  6. OK, I am trying again and this time it looks like it is OK. Love the bunnies, but especially love your French style of decorating.

  7. Mary,
    Happy Easter to you and Bob and Jasmin; I hope the bunny hops your way. I saw on the news that you will be in the mid 80s and we will be in the mid 70s...hip, hip hooray!

  8. Happy Easter and happy Pink Saturday!

    I use Mozilla Firefox instead of Explorer and Firefox does spell check while I type. It is very, very helpful.

  9. I like the new way of posting in Blogger, except for the lack of spell check. But since I am a good speller it's not too much of a problem. Of course I do mis-type so now I must proofread everything several times and still miss some things. But to me that is a small price to pay for being able to place a picture wherever I want it, and add it when I want it. I also love that I can double space between paragraphs and have it stay that way.

    I think I like the smaller photos better.

    Happy Easter, Mary!

  10. I like the extra large photos as they are still not too large or too big file size wise to download.

    Ah, yes, Spring in Paris! How delightful woudl that be.

    BTW, I find your writing with flush left, ragged right far easier to read than the centred text you now employ. Did you ever figure out the spell check all these years later? Certianly hope so! I would be in such a pickle without it as I'm such a horrid typist!


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