Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter...a time of Spring beauty

The always beautiful Easter Lily ~ later it will be planted in the garden.

This pair of mature white rabbits have been hanging about every Easter for the past several years, thankfully they have not been up to those naughty things rabbits are known for............adding to their family! 

Mrs. Rabbit ~ Easter 2008

They too live in the attic most of the year just coming downstairs to sit on the dining room table around Easter, guarding a bowl or a basket of eggs.

Mr. Rabbit ~ Easter 2010

Beautiful Ranunculus (Persian Buttercups) found at Trader Joe's last week, just $4.99 for a nice bunch ~ pink tulips from my garden. Nothing prettier than Springtime flowers for Easter decorating.  Easter blessings to you and your family.



  1. Beautiful! It was so nice to see you this morning! I had a great time as always. Looking forward to Saturday! I'm so excited!! Love, Vanessa

  2. I am really liking your new blog. Is this permanent?

    Your bunnies and cute Easter basket make for a sweet vignette. It's a shame we can't keep them out year round!! I love the ranunculus, too. I tried to grow them one year, but no luck...they must be very fragile or it is too cold up here.

    Have fun on your antiquing jaunt. It sounds like so much fun! We have a wedding in Asheville at the end of the month. I am hoping my husband can get some time off to go. I'd love to see N.C.

    Have a happy and blessed Easter, Mary!!


  3. Oh...about the white trim. I marked several pages in magazines that had my paint color and white trim. Seeing it that way made him just throw up his hands and say "Do it!" lol! Works like a charm!


  4. Happy Easter Mary! I am now a follower of your new blog. It looks great!
    Hope you have a wonderful day. -Delores

  5. Loving the new sized photos and as always the blog is a delight....


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