Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Farewell garden delights.......

It's hard to drag myself away.....even to Africa......when the garden is just coming into bloom.  The hydrangeas are covered in their lovely pale green flowers, a few just starting to show their Summer blue dresses.  Most likely they'll be in all their glory when I return, which reminds me I must tell DH to water, water, water - they love to drink on hot days!

This old Jasmine I really thought had died last Fall. I cut a lot of it off and didn't expect much if anything this year.  Spring arrived and brought it back to life with more blossoms and heavier perfume than ever, amazing.

Recycled bedroom curtain panels ~ a little front porch privacy now the trees have been removed from the driveway...........and blowing in the breeze prettiness.

Annual Morning Glories and Moon Flower seedlings up already.  I scatter these all around the garden where they can grab on to climbing places...........and here in pots to train up the porch for Summer shade.

Herbs are doing well, variegated sage from last year is healthy, next to it lemon thyme with basil seeds sprouting - they get tossed everywhere also, never can have too much much basil for the Summer tomatoes.

Clematis climbing the front steps

It's always hard leaving the garden at this time of year.  I just hope it rains the perfect amount, the sun shines down warmly, and gentle breezes blow until I get back.


  1. This is indeed such a wonderful time of year for blooming things! But oh, to go to Africa!! You mustn't look back. Everything will still be beautiful when you return with magical experiences to remember!

  2. Your beautiful Hydrangeas are much earlier than ours. Lovely photos.
    You must be so busy doing last minute things. I wish you the happiest of holidays.

  3. Mary, your garden is looking beautiful I'm sure it is hard to leave but just think of what's waiting for you in Africa after tomorrow.
    Hope DH has a water butt full of rainwater for your hydrangeas!

  4. So beautiful garden!!!Amazing blooms.


  5. Mary, please come play in my garden....my thumb is BLACK!! hehehe! Have fun in Africa!!

  6. Your garden is so pretty. I can see how it would be difficult to leave it. Just imagine how nice it will be to get back home and see all of the changes. Have fun! Carla

  7. On this cold rainy day in Ohio, it is great to see your beautiful garden and flowers. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I lived in Africa, but not where you are going. I live in Tripoli, while we were stationed at Wheelus AFB for two and a half years. I have no desire to go back.
    Have a great time.

  8. I love all the pretty pictures of your flowers and herbs. Have your morning glory ever strangled other plants?! Mine have!! I have to clear a spot for them!

    I hope you have a lovely trip...I know you will.

    Bon voyage!!


  9. Mary, your garden is as stunning as you are and I would love to visit you sometime in the future.
    In the meantime, have a wonderful trip, lots of laughs with good friends, lots of exciting things to experience and I;m sure you will return invigorated and full of enthusiasm.
    Love you, & Bob lots

  10. Mary, I understand how difficult it is to part with such glorious blooms, even if going to Africa. Hopefully they will still be in bloom when you return. I know your DH will take good care to follow all of your instructions while you are away.
    Happy travels ~ Sarah

  11. Just think of how lovely everything will look when you arrive home Mary ♥ I have clematis vines on two of my arbours - the buds are just showing now & it will be a while until they are in bloom. I toss a few Morning glory seeds around the bottom of the arbours and the mixture of purples is really lovely and helps to fill out the arbours quickly.

  12. Beautiful! I love photos of my flowers, too! Don't worry, they'll all be here when you get home and if they are done blooming, they'll be back next year! Have fun for all of us!


  13. Mary Mary...Such a lovely garden you have. It will be ready and waiting for you when you return home. Enjoy your fabulous adventure and safari travels. Stay safe. Looking forward to hearing all you share upon your return.

  14. Amazing.....thanks for sharing! Have fun in Africa--I can only imagine!!

    xoxo Gert


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