Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ May Day

Sorry, unfortunately no May blossom to show you today! As a child I was part of a maypole dance group at school - today was always a special time where we performed our lovely woven ribbon dances for family and friends to celebrate the day. I loved dancing the maypole!

Those fabulous bargain-priced roses from the grocery store lasted a long time but are ready now to be hung and dried!  One bunch is already out in the warm, dry potting shed, swinging gracefully upside down from the chandelier!
This second bunch looked a little better so I have enjoyed delicate pink curling petals in the house for a few more days.

~~~~~ Perfect rose pink ~~~~~

My pile of 'next adventure' safari paperwork!  With roses close by organization is much more pleasurable.

Happy Pink Saturday....Happy May Day!
Be sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to join in all the pinks on view today.


  1. Beautiful!! Mom and I would love to see you tomorrow but we're not sure if we'll be able to make it. I will call you in the morning. Good night! Love, Vanessa

  2. This was just lovely. I love pink roses. Gosh!
    I haven't see a Maypole Dance in 50 years. They were so much fun. It's a changing world isn't it. Well today is the Kentucky Derby at 4 PM. I am Betting Looking Lucky and Super Saver as a Long shot.. Have a great Saturday.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Mary.

    Your roses are so pretty, and I love having roses to inspire me, too.

    We must have two thousand buds. A few have bloomed, but I suspect that we will be in rose heaven by next weekend.

  4. Happy May Day Mary.
    To be crowned Queen of the May, wasn't that every little girls dream?
    Why did the boys always go the wrong way round the Maypole and get us and the ribbons all tangled up?
    Only Mary could have a chandelier in the potting shed, so stylish so chic.
    So very different from mine own humble shed!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. How beautiful. Do you really have a chandelier in your potting shed? How elegant! Hope you have a Happy Pink Saturday.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

    P.S. Your photography is beautiful too. I'm signing up to be a follower of your blog and I'll be back when I can stay longer.

  6. Love the look of those pink roses.... and love the look of your room beyond. You have such a peaceful, calming home.

  7. Such beautiful roses and great photography if I must say so!
    Okay, I will agree with all the other comments and ask "You have a Chandy in your potting shed????" Are we going to get to see this potting shed someday???? Pretty please!!

  8. So beautiful room, love your roses!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!!!


  9. Pink roses are so feminine and elegant. Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Happy May Day!! Love your pink roses!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. Happy May Day and Pink Saturday too! I love those pink roses. Please come by for a visit and enter my Mother's Day giveaway today!

    Have a wonderfully pink weekend.


  12. Mary, how many more days left? Looks like you have the packing under way. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  13. That wisteria in your sidebar photo is breath-taking! Loooove wisteria. I thought about naming a daughter that if I'd had one. Lucky for the child I didn't have ;)

  14. Yes, curly pink roses would help with organization. Love the May pole dancing too. Today my two children were born; so for me it is a celebration.

  15. Happy May Day Mary! Your pink roses are gorgeous. I think that I will hang some of mine up to dry too. what a great idea!

  16. I love those pink roses!

  17. Hello Sweet Mary; I love your Pink Roses,,, I buy mine at the food store too,,, and they last just as long as the flora shop ones,,, I think any way..... even when they are on their way out,, they still look gorgeous,,,, love them dried too,,, have a wonderful Pink Weekend..

    Happy Pink Saturday


  18. Beautiful pictures. Have a nice weekend. Carla

  19. A little tardy for the May Day wishes, but here they are sweet friend. Happy May Day! and Happy PInk Saturday!
    Love the way you tied the bouquet together with that ribbon and then placed it in the vase. I'm learn so much from you!
    Oh how I remember May Day and dancing around the pole with those beautiful colored ribbons and our new spring dresses. The US stopped celebrating May Day once I was grown and teaching school. We couldn't have May Day dances around the pole. :-( But I have my fond memories.

  20. Happy Pink Saturday (a little late)! Your pink roses are beautiful. Have a great week.

  21. such beautiful photos.. captured the beauty of your home.. I love the photos with rose petals and chandelier.. stunning..

  22. Love the pink roses & photos!
    Take Care!


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