Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden gift brings tears..............

We are growing tomatoes and cucumbers again this Summer.  Fortunately, our daughter and her boyfriend came by and watered the garden on those stifling days while we were up north.  This means we now have a harvest and are gathering our vegetables almost daily.  A few days ago the boyfriend sent us a gift....a large, perfect green pepper from their patio garden.  Sun-ripened, crisp and slightly hot - it made me cry when I cut it open.  This must be an onion in disguise I thought for a moment as a tear rolled down my cheek onto the cutting board!

We've enjoyed this pepper in our salads............the Summer savoring moments of freshness.  Nothing beats just picked from the garden.

Speaking of gardens ~ be sure to stop by my granddaughter Jasmin's blog Live Love Laugh where you can see her beautiful garden images taken with her first SLR camera!

Who's growing vegetables this Summer?
What are you growing? 
Is your harvest keeping you busy in the kitchen? 


  1. Mary, I tried a garden, and it didn't work this year. Things have been growing extremely slow, but I have heard that from others too. Of course the weeds have been great! Too bad I just can't acquire a taste for them!! One thing though, our blueberry bushes have been providing quite a bit of berries this year. We will finally have fresh blueberry cobbler!!
    Take Care,

  2. We have tried to grow several things this summer but it got too hot too soon and many of our veggies just couldn't take it. We do have plenty of tomatoes and basil though. I've been making lots of pesto and bruschetta. Carla

  3. We're growing red and green cabbage, beets, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, peas and lettuce, radishes and potatoes. Nothing is really ready yet, although one cauliflower is looking promising. I'll be busy in a week or so, canning equipment out to preserve what we can't eat right away.

  4. Hi Mary,
    I'm just getting ready to blog about all the fresh veggies that I've been picking this week.
    Potatoes, runner beans, both yellow & green haricot beans, 2 types of courgettes, 5 varieties of lettuce, salad onions, spinach, rocket, parsley, chives and lots of green tomatoes.
    As you can tell it's been a very good year so far in Normandy.

  5. I have peppers growing, but not ripe yet. One pepper plant is yellow peppers and the other red. We have been enjoying our tomatoes, zuchinni, cukes, green beans and lettuce.

  6. Just cheking in to see what you have been up to, loved your guestroom story!! Sometimes I just enjoy a quick nap on the cool couch for a bit by myself in the middle of the night. No hot husband or dog can snuggle against me there in my little getaway! I miss hearing from you, big hugs, Janna


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