Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gifts for the journey..............

Some people are such savvy shoppers and gift givers, always knowing what the perfect something will be for a friend. 
You may remember my post before leaving for Africa sharing some fabulous gifts I received to take on my adventure.  Thought you might enjoy seeing them again being used on safari.

Longtime, very special and dear friend Elinor, right here in North Carolina, gave me the perfect JOURNAL, seen here as I enjoyed my Bush Tea one afternoon by the plunge pool at Vumbura Plains camp in Botswana.  Without my daily entries I would never have been able to regale you with my safari stories.......the adventure was so exciting only a journal could keep everything in order, especially when it came to editing the 2000 plus photos I took!

The walkway at Toka Leya, Zambia
Artist, poet, musician, jeweler, designer and needlewoman, dear friend Patti in the Pacific Northwest, created the perfect 'jewel' for travel.......a gossamer flower pin weighing no more than a fairy's wing.  Here you see it on my cardigan ready to go to dinner at Toka Leya on the bank of the mighty Zambezi River.  As my wardrobe was limited to the contents of a duffel bag, Patti's flower gave a touch of elegance to many a plain t-shirt! 

Be sure to visit Patti's Etsy shop Patrician Crafts to view her beautiful creations....and shipping is free.

If you follow my visits to wonderful SuzAnna's Antiques here in Raleigh, you know by now that lovely Jenny, co-owner with her sweet mom Susie, is one always-smiling, laughing, funny gal.  Her gift above, though practical, was a must-have and came in very useful behind many a bush or rock!  How I laughed when I opened you see it displayed at Duma Tau camp, our second stop in Botswana.

Also shown at Duma Tau, and swinging above the Zambezi at Toka Leya in Zambia, my Baggallini travel bag from wonderful blog friend Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul in the great state of Texas.  I was speechless when this gift arrived in the mail.....this little bag is really HUGE!  It has so many pockets and places to stash your stuff, yet always closes and stays flat against your body either over or under your clothing.  The hardware is even my favorite brushed silver.  It came with two different width straps, this shows the narrow one, both wonderfully long and adjustable - being tall I can never find a bag with a long enough strap to wear across the body....this one is perfect!

And........look at the print!  Couldn't have been more perfect for Africa, but is also a conversation starter here at home and looks great with my always neutral colored clothing.

Each travel gift was used over and over on my adventure.  You can bet those wonderful friends who gave them were often on my mind........guess in a way I took them to Africa with me!  Thanks again ladies, you were all so thoughtful and very generous.


  1. LOL! Not sure I want to be remembered every time you use your gift!! hehehe! We have had a great two days...check my blog if you have not heard the news!

  2. That bag - perfect. I bought a Bagallini for our trip to Japan and when we came home I couldn't bear to put it away. Months later, it is my 'default' bag.
    What thoughtful and generous friends you have!

  3. Wow, what great friends you have! All of those gifts were very nice and well thought out. Of course, you must be pretty special yourself to have such good friends. Carla

  4. What very thoughtful gifts. Each one I can see had special thoughts travel with you.

  5. These were lovely gifts especially the bag. The toilet paper may not have been terribly glamorous but I know from experience that carrying your own in out of the way places can be very gratifying indeed!

  6. Mary, I had missed this post earlier. I'm thrilled the bag was something that you found useful and pleasing. You have such wonderful style, I was a bit nervous about selecting something for you. But this bag just seemed to fit the occasion. You've been so generous to share all the amazing photos from your adventure. I've felt as if I did get to go along. :-)
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  7. Hi Mary! Such wonderful gifts to have received that even though you were away you will still reminded of all your blogger friends!!
    Take Care,


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