Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A New Baby...............

You expect them in the cool mornings of Springtime. New baby birds flitting back and forth, strengthening tiny wings, while parent birds watch from a nearby branch.  Last week, early on an already smoldering Summer morning, when windows were steamed over from the air conditioned chill inside, a tiny visitor sat on the wicker chair watching me.

Unexpected this late in the year, at first I wasn't certain of the breed because long tail feathers have yet to grow, but it's definitely a Gray Catbird.  It made tiny cheeps and before long it's mommy showed up, a lovely black crowned, slate-gray grownup Catbird checking on her youngster, and they both hopped over to the potting table. Luckily my camera was handy so I caught these images through the hazy dining room window.

A secretive bird that the Chippewa Indians named 'Bird That Cries With Grief' due to its raspy call.  The call sounds like a house cat mewing, hence its common name.

I'm hoping this baby makes it through these torrid Summer days - it looked healthy and has it's parent to lead it to the bird bath which is filled with fresh water each day.  I've read that Catbirds often become residents of a single garden for many years if the undergrowth is thick and brushy.  Hopefully this one will move into our heavily shrubbed area permanently.


  1. Oh, what a sweetie! You're right, we don't expect to see babies at this time of year. I think baby was introducing himself to you!


  2. Hi Mary,

    Oh goodness - What a lovely post on the baby bird. Your photogrpahs,as usual, are fabulous. I do hope the sweet baby makes it through the summer heat. Hopefully you will find cooler weather when you come to Northern California. We have had an unusual cool summer along the Southern Californa coast- inland it is hot and the fires have started in the dry areas.
    Have a wonderful trip and I hope to see you next time I go to North Carolina.

  3. Great pictures Mary! I have to go get my field guide and study up on Grey Catbirds. I can't think of anything lovelier than to make a home in your garden!

  4. So sweet. My post today is on the ending of a handsome bird.

  5. Isn't it a gift?........a moment like this?
    I particularly like the shot of the fledgling with the cloche-encased stone bird.

  6. Hi Mary!

    I love these birds they used to be in my yard when i lived in Niagara Falls. I'm a cat girl and a bird lover so they birds really are a favourite to me.

    Pamela Andersons home was not decorated by her. I never mentioned this. SHE had her home decorated by Bountiful. They have a website and on it they show photos of her home. They sell antiques too. You can check them out and she how they did Whoopis home as well. Pam did take all the credit for her decor lol! She is a strange one!
    And i agree too much stuff and her boys would not like it now.
    Pamela xo

  7. How lovely, your pix are fabulous too.

  8. Thanks for these pix. I have never seen a catbird! Unfortunately Gracie has becoming very good at stalking and catching young birds in our yard who make the mistake of lingering on the ground.

  9. How exciting. I hope the family settles there with you in your garden too. I would love to see this young guy become a grown up.

  10. As always..your post is amazing along with such fantastic photos! I sure hope this bird will stay in your garden!

    xoxo Gert

  11. What a sweet post, Mary. I've heard of catbirds, but didn't know much about them. I do hope this one finds a home among your garden and lives a good life for many years. ~ Sarah

  12. What a beautiful blog you have here...I had to follow. You are really talented and gifted. *hugs*

  13. Sure wish my little birds had made it. It is so hard for them to survive with all the preditors around. I love to watch birds. Hope these stay around for you to enjoy!

  14. Mary, that is so odd that you would post about the birds. We do usually see them in spring, but we have also had one make a nest in our kitchen window box. They have been very busy going back and forth too. I'm sure they are all wishing for cooler weather as we are!
    Take Care,


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