Friday, July 30, 2010

Not too shabby, eh?

When one of your much-loved, very best friends, has better taste than you, sometimes you covet things she buys for a song.......or a beautiful Brazilian smile!!!  Vanessa finds amazing things on Craigslist, whereas I've yet to spy a single item calling to me online. She finds treasures with tiny price tags in some yucky shops that I would just drive by without stopping.............

.................and on one of my visits to Vanessa's home a few months back (she lives here now - Brazil's great loss!), this Craigslist find was in her living room and I wanted it big time!  I even looked her in the eye, fingers crossed behind my back, and said I would buy it if she ever decided to change out the room again.

Isn't this a great table?  Guess what?  Vanessa decided to sell it and yours truly is now the owner.  Here it's photographed in place at my house as Vanessa delivered it yesterday..............with a promise from me that she can come visit at it any time! She still loves it but has no place to put it. 

The beautiful French-looking bowl, perfectly crazed and stained, was a gift from Vanessa last year and looks perfect on her my table!

Vanessa likes to change her decor often.......we all need a friend like her.  She's been shopping around with me for months while I've searched for a table to replace the one in front of my window.  Everything we measured was just too deep and wouldn't work in that space.  I also wanted something more vintage in style, with pretty lines, preferably already painted off-white, chipped up a bit, with a useful drawer, and with space to push the ottoman under......just like Vanessa's former table!

I'm thrilled and now can move on with the other changes planned for this room.  As you know by now, I have eclectic taste when it comes to decorating my home....a little French from the brocantes of Provence.......of course some English touches as in china, lots of china........shabby farmhouse........and I'm actually searching for something 'industrial' now to throw into the mix.  Guess I'd better make a date to go shopping again with sweet friend Vanessa soon!


  1. Lucky you to have a friend with
    a)such great taste
    b)a love for changing her decor!
    I love the there a line up for it?

  2. What fun to have a shopping buddy with similar tastes. BTW, I went back to BowerBird, still didn't buy anything, but enjoyed looking around again. The used bookstore, Toadstools, was the best! Great selection of children's books, which I adore reading. Bob found a couple of military books. We also noticed all the antique shops on in Nashua, Milford etc on the way. A trip to those shops ( with or w/out the longer ride to Peterborough) will be in our future. Thanks for the introduction ;)

  3. Vanessa's table looks perfect on your home! I would love to go shopping with the two of you!! Funny, I was just telling Kent about industrial chic....

  4. What a beauty! We all need a friend like your Vanessa! It really looks perfect where you have it.
    I also enjoyed your post about your baby catbird. Those photos were great. I liked the table he was hopping around on too!
    Hope your day is rewarding!

  5. Hi dear! Wow! The table looks so much better in you home than at mine. Your living room is so beautiful and full of beautiful details (not blah like little townhome living space...) I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!! Thank you so much for keeping it! I can't wait to see the other changes you gonna make. Love, Vanessa

  6. Friends are the best aren't they?!! Love the table and it looks fabulous in your home.

  7. Oh I just love that bowl. Some of the most wonderful treasures are found in the most unusual places. Thank you for sharing and thank you for letting me visit.

  8. I love the table for you Mar - hope Bob was happy with it also. Maybe you'll keep it more than a year or two!!! Paula

  9. What a fabulous table! So perfect for that spot too. Vanessa is a sweetheart for sharing...too bad she doesn't live closer!!!
    Take Care,

  10. Lovely piece Mary! Wouldn't mind one myself!
    Pamela xo

  11. Oh my goodness! That is such a beautiful table! How much more perfect could it be!!

  12. What a special treasure, Vanessa and the table. The bowl is lovely to.

    I have a friend like Vanessa. She finds the best things. Well she is getting married in November and their homes will be combined. She will be getting rid of things and I hope to find some treasures there. Isn't it fun to treasure hunt with a friend like your Vanessa and my Caryl?

  13. OH!!! You two have too much fun! When I get my new place I need to ride along ;) Love the table at your place and hers!! Glad you both can enjoy it!
    Hugs, Lisa


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