Saturday, July 3, 2010

PINK SATURDAY.............and I'm on the road again!

I'm in New England for the Fourth of July.......celebrating in a small New Hampshire country town where they have a big old timey parade....with lots of red (pinkish red too!) white and blue.

.....hopefully viewing the always beautiful new England seacoast with PINK wild roses growing next to the blue water.....

....and enjoying my DH's hometown on the Merrimack River where we used to live.  We'll be celebrating his really big birthday on the 5th..............following the fireworks display over the river the night before!

From there we'll head even further North to Canada - looking forward to cooler days in Montreal and Quebec. 

Beverly our Pink Saturday hostess is allowing red, white and blue as well as pink today, yippee!  Go visit her at How Sweet The Sound and join in as we celebrate a colorful holiday weekend.  Have a fun time wherever you are.

***** Happy Independence Day *****


  1. What beautiful photos!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. Beautiful photos! Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your trip!

  3. There is nothing like New England for the 4th. We celebrate each night of the weekend and next week have Old Home Days with more parades and fireworks. Have a great vacation.


  4. How gorgeous! Beautiful captures Mary.
    Happy Pink Saturday and 4th of July.

  5. Love the photo's, the New England coast is just wonderful & lighthouses are one of my favourite things too.
    Have an excellent 4th weekend and Happy Birthday to your other half.

  6. Hello Dear! Happy 4th of July weekend to you!
    Missing you... Sending my love your way and wishing Bob have a wonderful and happy birthday!
    Love, Vanessa

  7. Wow, what beauty! Wonderful job with the photography too.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  8. Mary, I think New England would be the perfect spot to celebrate our country's birthday! For someone from Texas, traveling to New England would be almost as good as a trip to Africa. LOL
    Have fun on your trip and travel safely. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!
    Happy 4th, too! ~ Sarah

  9. Have a wonderful time, Mary! I'll be back home by the 5th.


  10. Wow, Mary! I love the fireworks photo!

    Happy birthday to Bob!

    Safe travels,

  11. Hi Mary,
    Happy PS.
    I've posted today as I have some beautiful flowers which will always remind me of your Mum. Go take a look.
    Bob's birthday card is in the post but I thought it was the 7th so it might be a bit late.
    give him a big hug from me please

  12. That's Nubble Light up near York isn't it? I know it well, you must be somewhere near Rye? Hope you have a great 4th July - and Happy Birthday to your DH.

  13. Amazing photos as always!!!!! Have a Happy 4th and enjoy a safe time.

    xoxo Gert

  14. Happy Pink Saturday Mary Sweetie...
    OMG how breathtakingly beautiful your photos are today. I love the capture of the American flag in the breeze, with the steeple behind. Oh Mary it is so beautiful.

    The lighthouse takes my breath away. I have always wanted to visit a light house, I think it would be so awesome. Have you ever been inside? I can't wait to see the photos you share from this trip. Did Jasmin come along with?

    Happy Birthday to DH. I know he will have a wonderful birthday is this gorgeous, restful place. It is always nice to go home.

    Happy 4th sweetie, and have a safe and wonderful time while you are gone. My postcard finally came this last week. I was over the top thrilled. Thank you, thank you.

    Many hugs and much love..>Sherry

  15. Happy travels, happy 4th, and happy birthday to your husband.

  16. quite lovely! thank you for sharing!
    happy pink fourth :)

  17. That is such a beautiful area! Love all the photos!
    Take Care,


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