Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Chair Antiques.............Summer fruits

While browsing through fabulous Red Chair Antiques in New Hampshire, only the tiny space available in our bulging suitcases prevented me from gathering armfuls of beautiful French linens, shapely pieces of Swedish furniture, and assorted lovelies to bring back home.........well, in all honesty, that and the lack of an unlimited budget!

My treasures from this year's visit are a creamy, textured, country French linen table cloth with hand stitching, a vintage French hotel silver spoon, and sweet-smelling lavender filled sachets imprinted with the Red Chair logo.

Heaven for the taste buds............Summer fruits are ready.  Fresh velvet-skinned apricots from California, blushing peaches picked right here in the south.........a bowl of these on the kitchen island promise healthy juicy treats for these steamy, endless, hot Summer days.

We are really enjoying bowls of fruit for snacks or easy desserts right now - a mix of strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, grapes, blueberries, plums....beautiful to look at, delicious to eat.

Do you eat more fruit in Summer?  Are you more inclined to enjoy it fresh rather than cooked or baked into pies, tarts or cakes? 


  1. Love your header picture! I want it all!

  2. I love your treasures - the spoon is beautiful!


  3. So pretty, and I do love apricots! I'll take fruit either way, but hubby loves those cobblers!!
    We have the windows and French doors in on my garden house now!
    Take Care,

  4. Love those French linens! Your tablecloth is just beautiful and I would love a few of those sachets. This sounds like a marvelous shop!

    Peaches are very ripe and juicy in Michigan, now. We like to eat them outside with nothing more than the grass to catch the drips!! I love my fruit fresh with a dollop of sour cream mixed with powdered sugar, a great treat we learned of at the B&B in New Orleans. Okay, I love pies, too! ;-D

    Have a lovely weekend, Mary!


  5. Such lovely pictures! It makes me want to go eat a peach right now! Carla

  6. I really like your new header Mary! Love those sachets and wonderful linen tablecloth. We are enjoying the bounty of the summer here too. Delicious tomatoes, peaches and cherries! Can't wait for our grapes! I'm making grape jelly with them this year!

  7. I love fruit in the summer, we have eaten countless watermelons already. At Bob's request I cut them up into chunks and have them in the fridge at all times. I adore apricots, but the imported from CA ones are way pricey and the local ones don't seem to be ripe enough. Raspberries, don't even get me started..I just love 'em. Going to the organic farm stand later today...they are open 3-7. Yummmmy!

  8. I'm all for the frest fruit...especially peaches!

  9. Mary, I'm getting my fill of fresh berries, cherries, and now TX peaches. Love the fresh fruit of summer! ~ Sarah

  10. Absolutely love your new treasure and simply adore fresh fruit this time of year. I must eat fresh fruit all year long, I am an addict. But summer is the very best. I do sometimes make pies, especially when apple season comes along.

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