Tuesday, August 31, 2010

THE COLOR BLUE................

From sparkling dawn.....'til hazy dusk.........

..................I'm noticing that the color blue is definitely predominant in my recent posts from California.

Early morning fishing - freshwater diving Grebes floating by.

Sunny girl off to find a watercraft to drift and bob across the deep blue lake.

Even four-legged friends enjoy blue water gazing on a warm and sunny afternoon.  This is Jack the Welsh Corgi who loves to swim.

The blues of night falling from a star laden sky as the moon casts its light across Lake Almanor.

Sharing some of my favorite lake images with you.


  1. It is so beautiful there! Your pictures are wonderful!

  2. What fantastic blue photos..my day is definately not "blue"..you just put a big sunny smile on my face :-)

  3. You are so right. I am sure everyone out there just feels the draw to the water. I can smell the ocean 100 miles away. That is when I am heading in that direction. I have never been on the west coast of the US. Might get there one day. I know you are enjoying. blessings

  4. Mary~~~~

    You really took some beautiful pictures while in California!


  5. So beautiful! I love the color blue in nature too-soothing.

  6. Mary, I didn't know you were home. Welcome home and it is no wonder that your beautiful trip would make you wish for more. I just scrolled all the way back so I can see your fabulous photos and wishing I was there having so much fun. I loved the photos of you and Jasmin having a blast on the beautiful water. Sigh!

    Has the weather been a bit cooler there? I bet Jasmin has started school. She is a beautiful girl. How wonderful to spend so much time with her this summer.

    Penny is having a blogging party on Oct. 16th. My calendar is clear and I am able to go. No plans for that day has me doing the happy dance. I wonder if you can go too. It would be wonderful to see you.

    Enjoy your return to your 'beautiful' home and get some rest.
    Love, Jeanne

  7. You take the most amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. I could just sit here all night and look at those photos! They make you feel relaxed with all of their beauty.
    I hope things are going well for you in your "neck of the woods"! Maybe you might get some rain from this hurricane Earl that will be skimming the coastline. We have been a week without, and already we could use some more. Tomorrow, Sept. 1st, will be a special day (daughter's 1 year). I hope that you can stop by to read my post.
    My garden house is almost done. I have been painting and working on it forever! The fun part will be decorating.
    Now I'm off to catch up on more blog reading.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    Take Care,

  9. Mary, Your photos are stunning ........

  10. I love your blue photos! I love blue so much, it is so relaxing. I love the ocean's blues and greens and turquoise. So beautiful what nature provides!



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