Sunday, August 1, 2010

Invitation to a Summer ball.....

Despite Summer's oppressive heat there are flowers which, with a little water each day, survive the baking temperatures.  As the sun comes up on another steamy morning, I look out and see them..............their purple and blue gowns unfurled following their early twirling dance among the jasmine at dawn.

The Morning Glories. 
They continue to climb up and around my front porch.  The seeds were planted in pots so they are easy to water.

As the sky turns to Carolina Blue, the gowns start to fold inward announcing that the ball is over. 

Tomorrow, another ball to attend.  Donning similar blue and purple gowns, they'll twirl higher, soon reaching dizzying heights, like tightrope walkers across the sky.  Simple but beautiful flowers.  Refreshing colors on these hot, hazy mornings of late Summer.


  1. Beautiful photos Mary! I love morning glories!
    Pamela xo

  2. Arent they gorgeous! We see them in France too,\but further South ususally.

  3. You are just so elegant in you writing Miss Mary! Thank you for sharing this. I will never look at my morning glories the same way again!

  4. Love morning glories........thank you so much for such a beautiful post!

    xoxo Gert

  5. That was a wonderful summer ball I have just been lucky enough to attend. Thank you for inviting me. Your photos are lovely.

  6. What a beautiful and graceful flower. I love the vibrant colors in your photos and your descriptions.

    First time visitor to your blog. I will be back to view your older posts.

  7. I enjoyed the dancing and the company - it couldn't have been a more elegant ball!

  8. That blue morning glory against the yellow crackly fence is glorious! The colors make my heart sing.

  9. Fabulous photos. Love that blue color.

  10. Delightful and pretty!

    Happy new week.

  11. Aren't they spectacular? I plant moonflower on my front stair rail. It twines up the bannister and presents me with a bloom every evening at dusk. Sometimes we take chairs to sit and watch the bloom unfurl. Amazing.

  12. I do love morning glories, and have several planted along with a moonflower. However I have not watched any of them bloom!! It's time to stop and smell the roses....I mean morning glories! Your photos are lovely!!
    Take Care,

  13. Mary,

    Your morning glory photos are absolutely exquisite!


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