Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Neck and neck......

Lately I've been contemplating the neck.  Perhaps because my own has been giving me problems.  Last year I was diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid (a goiter) with several nodules.  I've had quarterly office dates with the nicest surgeon ever for ultrasounds and biopsies to keep a check on this condition. 

This has made me take stock of lovely necks around my home..........this lady with a slim neck reminds me of Empress Josephine Bonaparte, perhaps because of her hairstyle.

My sweet santo's smooth neck is spending the hot Summer naked - come Autumn she'll wear some golden jewel on a velvet ribbon perhaps, and then her beaded crown and wings for the holiday season.

Male and female giraffes at MalaMala, South Africa.

My African necklaces purchased on safari in May.

Onset of a goiter is often noticed by women when their necklaces become snug, as in my case.  For men it's more likely a tightening of the collar.  More women than men get goiters.  The dear doctor tells me it's part of the aging process, yes another one of those things!

Oxpeckers visiting a giraffe's beautiful neck.

A chunky numbers necklace......a perfect fit.

Like most women, adorning my neck with pretty things is enjoyable.  I especially love silver jewelry......and it looks like my necklaces are growing longer!  I've envisioned having to swallow a daily drug, or worse still, having surgery to remove the thyroid.  My collection of scarves has been growing as thoughts of Winter with a scar across my neck loomed!  Fortunately I do love scarves, they go so well with my other loves, boots and cold weather!

However, there is encouraging news.  Last Friday my ultrasound and blood tests showed my thyroid has shrunk a wee bit and the levels are normal.  No drugs, no biopsy needles, no knives, no more dates with the dear surgeon for half a year.  Such comforting news.......

       ........and why you may ask, giraffes?

Because I enjoyed them in Africa and didn't actually feature them in a safari post..........and you have to admit when it comes to necks, they have the most awesome ones.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with the goitre, thyroids tend to become rather unpredictable as we get older. I've been taking medication for an under-active thyroid for several years now. Glad that yours seems to be settling down, fingers crossed that it stays that way. I'm with you on the giraffe's, they are one of my favourite animals.

  2. Hi Mary, I always enjoy seeing your safari photographs, what a once in a lifetime trip that was.
    I'm glad to hear that your goitre is reducing of it's own accord.
    Scarf wearing is a talent I have yet to master, unlike you looking very chic in the leopard print scarf in the sidebar photo.

  3. Mary
    I am happy to hear of your good news. As I read through this post, I was somewhat fearful that you had received bad news. I had thryoid cancer back in early 90's, only 40 at the time. Scans, surgery, chemo, radioactive iodine,etc. and of course meds for the rest of my life.
    So I am sharing with you in the good news you recieved from your Dr. Here's to wearing those silver necklaces again.
    And the giraffe pictures you included... how appropriate and stately they are!

  4. Hi Mary,
    Good news, that your thyroid has shrunk a little! I had a goiter, that was discovered when I was in my 30's's. Had biopsies every year for about 10 years. Unfortuneately mine kept growing and I had my thyroid removed several years ago. I do have a little scar, but I hardly notice it at all now. I do take thyroid medicine and will have to the rest of my life, but better this than the altenative :-).


  5. Well, that is good news! If you can avoid surgery, all the better. Looks like you can wear your scarves because you want to and not because you have to!


  6. That's very good news for you, Mary. Now you can carry on collecting beautiful neck-adornments just for the pleasure of wearing and collecting.
    Did you know that the giraffe is the land mammal with the biggest heart?

  7. I am entranced with your African jewelry ... just beautiful!

    Both of my sisters have thyroid issues, so far I've been fortunate.

    Want to tell you again how thoroughly I have enjoyed your safari photos ... I find myself talking about you and your adventure more than you might think.

    take care .........

  8. So very happy for you. Love the naked doll. I look forward to seeing her dressed for different seasons.

  9. Great news for you! I am glad that you seem to be improving. Isn't a giraffe's neck the perfect example? Carla

  10. So glad that you got the good news Mary. When you said the doctor told you its just something else that comes along with age I thought that's just great more things to look forward to along with my gallbladder that likes to act up! Hopefully you will continue to get good news six months from now!
    That is one gorgeous necklace you brought home!
    Take care,

  11. Glad you won't need surgery. Love those giraffes. They are so fascinating.

  12. Mary, I love your giraffes and safari photos. Keep them coming, I am really enjoying them. I am happy to hear you do not need surgery, I also have to go for follow ups for a nodule on my thyroid.

  13. Mary, I'm so happy about the good test results.

    The necklaces are beautiful!

    I had an adventure today - beekeeping!

    Hope you'll stop by to read my latest post and the one about my beekeeping experience. That will be in a few days. I'm going to Roanoke tomorrow - be back Sunday.


  14. Yay for the good results!!

    That pesky thryroid -- when it acts up, it affects so much!

    Your necklaces are lovely and I love that santo!!




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