Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Southern Revival................

Why show you a warehouse of old furniture?  Perhaps to prove one can "take a sow's ear and turn it into a silk purse". This image is just a glimpse of what's in store at need a good hour to search the aisles for just what you may be looking for.


One of my favorite local shops to visit, browse, buy, and just hang out, has to be Revival.  Housed in a somewhat dilapidated building with the warehouse a few yards downwind from the shop, driving through the potholed, weedy parking lot brings promises of awaiting treasure.  As soon as you enter the shop you are excited at all you see, the antique, vintage and re-purposed larger pieces of furniture, and such interesting accessories, all creatively displayed.

The old furniture, found mostly in New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, is transformed by the owners and their staff into beautiful pieces which would look amazing in any home.  Each item in the warehouse shows two prices, as is and refinished - so if you don't want to tackle the metamorphosis yourself, and believe me some pieces you wouldn't dare try, owners Jodie and Joe Hinge's painters will amaze you with their handiwork.

Often there are over sized vintage store fixtures which make me wish for a larger house..........

......cabinets, hutches, farm tables, great chairs and benches...........

............really gorgeous sideboards showing off their new paint - they do the best matte black finishes I've ever seen.

On a recent visit I really liked this interesting table - the finish and the metal top which had been added made it certainly different and a real conversation piece.

Come back to view more of the 'back room' area recently revamped at the shop......but make sure to close the door before the shop kitties get out!

Next time we'll enjoy more of Revival's sometimes quirky accessories!


  1. Hi Mary, I hope all is well with you. This place looks like just another reason why I need to visit Raleigh again! xo, suzy

  2. I wish there was something like that here in Asheville! It looks like a fabulous place.

  3. You have me itching to take a trip to this store. I think Raleigh may need to get on the travel plans! ~ Sarah

  4. What a wonderful place to lose yourself in for an afternoon or two!
    I would love to find something like this nearby.
    Looking forward to seeing more soon.

  5. I think we need to have a bloggers weekend. We could start or end at SuzAnna's and maybe have a van or something take everyone around to some of the other spots....wouldn't that be GREAT!!!!

  6. You know, sometimes I have this recurrent dream. In this dream, I have inherited this vast old building. And inside are all sorts of antiques and vintage treasures like this!

  7. I know what you mean about wanting a bigger house for some of these pieces. My house is bursting at the seams and still I love to bring things home from antique shops. I like that last piece too.

  8. I just love everything in there. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy resourcing...

  9. My kind of shop, Mary. I could spend hours there.

  10. Hi Mary, Your pictures are so wonderful. I get a real sense of my days back in North Carolina when I look at them. The table with the metal top is gorgeous. *hugs*

  11. This is when you think what can I get rid of and replace it with this!
    Take Care,


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