Tuesday, August 10, 2010

.....still blooming

Those Morning Glories are still dancing around the front porch.  Deeper purple ones have decided to join the blue ones we watched enjoying last week's ball.  Now they are creeping closer to the house, twirling silently between the ornaments on the old chippy green table......the lanterns, and homes for tiny visiting birds. Our wrens often pop in and out those holes looking for insects for breakfast or lunch.

They are up the down spout......clambering quietly around the beaded candolier, looking for jewelery to wear with their delicate gowns.

What a truly beautiful color as the light shines
through the petals.
Just one short day of beauty. 
Just one quick season in the sun.


  1. Mary , is this your front porch?? If so we need more pics... just Gorgeous! Janna

  2. Hi Mary,

    Your garden photos are stunning. Goodness gracious - your sweet poptato vine really loves North Carolina weather. Mine has not gotten nearly as big as yours - I do love the color and what it does for my garden.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Gorgerous photos ...the perfect way to start off my morning! Thanks Mary!
    Pamela xo

  4. So why do I never plant morning glories? Just look at the beauty of that simple flower.

    Mary, I know people who have green thumbs, but I'm pretty sure that you have the "beauty" thumb!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. They are so beautiful against the white. What a contrast!

  6. It is a truly beautiful sight. I don't know what happens to my morning glory seeds. I order them every year, and they don't come up.

  7. Oh, Mary, how awesome. Open wider pictures for us to view ...

    Have a beautiful summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. Dear Mary,
    One of the most vivid images I've seen ....
    Enjoy your week.

  9. It's no wonder that a song was written about morning glories...that twine around the door! They are a beautiful sight for sure.-

  10. Startling colour among the whites, how very simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  11. Stunning!!! Flowers and photos.

  12. They have the perfect name...morning glory! They are truly glorious! Carla

  13. Morning Glories are well named, these are lovely photos especially the one with the crystal chandelier.

  14. Mary, I missed this one earlier. Love the vibrant color of the Morning Glories. Thanks for starting my morning off with such glory. ~ Sarah

  15. I love morning glories. I have some on the back fence for when I wake up, and the moon flower opens at night to fill the air with its fragrance.


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