Friday, September 3, 2010

Fishing at the English Seaside...............

As Summer wanes I'm thinking how I've missed going home this year.  I've visited many wonderful places since Spring but as England was not in the cards this year I'm feeling just a wee bit homesick.  Homesick you say, after moving away so very long ago! 

Fishermen heading out from Lyme Regis.

Because home was at the seaside I was spoiled.  There was always the gentle water of the bay, the choice of a sandy or pebbly beach, the boats drifting by, and the fresh sea air.  We didn't have anything fancy - such as a motorboat, sailboat, jet ski, not even a canoe - but we had endless Summer days when school was out for the long holidays, and loads of fun which we made for ourselves by the water.

On a few occasions I was invited to hop aboard a neighbor family's row boat for some mackerel fishing - a real treat.  I clearly recall how exciting it was to be rowed through deep water below the rocky cliffs which I'd only previously viewed from above.

My hometown fishing spot - Torquay.

Brixham, Devon, across the bay. A true fishing town and my father's birthplace, but I don't think he fished a day in his life!

Waiting for a good fish dinner!

Have you moved far from your childhood home?  If so, do you still get homesick?  What special memories are dear to you?

Images from visits home over the past few years.


  1. Mary, these are such beautiful photos. That net is amazing! The photo of Brixham, with the homes reflected in the water...well, I would hang that one in my home!

    You have no idea how badly I want to visit England! I think I must have lived there in a past life. Definitely on my bucket list.

  2. Your photos are exceptionally beautiful! The picture f Devon with the buildings reflected in the water is stunning.

    I've always lived close to home, 25 years in this house with my husband and children. I love to travel but it is always nice to come home again!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  3. No wonder you miss that lovely town and its seashore. What a wonderful place to grow up in. I don't miss a whole lot about home (Michigan) because the place I live isn't all that different. I suppose I would miss it more if I were living again in San Diego because SD is SO different from Michigan. I miss the friendly midwestern people.


  4. So why did you have to do that Mar? I was having a lovely start to my morning with hot sun,flat water, friend gone to get me a latte, and now i'm sad too as i want to be home. You could have warned me!!! Paula

  5. I could live in Devon, so beautiful, love to fish.


  6. What a lovely, charming place! You must have so many special memories.

    I'm not that far from my home state of West Virginia, but I do miss my family - cousins and a couple aunts and an uncle remain, the majestic mountains, the strong-willed people, the great Kanawha River with it's coal-barges and houseboats, the gold-domed capitol building where I spent so much time as a child ... oh, Mary! I want to go home! I don't get there often enough.


  7. Oh, I love all of those photos!I know what you mean by being homesick. I hear that from my mother as she will still call Germany home. Oh back home, we did such and such!! A normal thing I suppose! Seeing as I was an Air Force "brat" home was pretty much everywhere as we never stayed in one place for a long time. The one place I really enjoyed was Arizona. The next that I guess you could call home is where my dad's family is which would be in the mountains of North Carolina, about an 1 1/2 from Asheville if that. No matter where we were in the world that was one place that we would always go back to so I guess that was home for me!
    Once my garden house is finished I might just try my hand at painting one of those photos as they are so pretty they just make you want to paint!!
    Take Care,

  8. I am a 12 hour drive from my hometown. I miss warm summer days where we went barefoot through the apple orchards. If we got hungry, we could just pick a juicy green apple and eat. Then we swam in the irrigation pool, not so sanitary; but we didn't know. It was so refreshing on a hot summer day.

  9. Mary..what beautiful photos and would love to fish there too!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    xoxo Gert

  10. Mary, I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful English seaside. I didn't move far from home. Have lived in TX all my life. So for me, I suppose I long for more exotic places. LOL
    Hope you have a beautiful holiday! ~ Sarah

  11. I was brought up in New Mexico but don't have many fond memories of it for some reason. Maybe because we moved many times, all over the southwest, before we settled down in Arizona. I'm not a fan of the desert. I'd much rather be by the ocean.

  12. Beautiful - beautiful photos.....I can certainly wee why you would get homesick. My maaternal grandmother was born and raised in England but came to the U.S. as a young girl of 16....I have never been to England, but I know it is very beautiful. I have a grandson that is now living in London. Before that he lived in Japan and China. One of my granddaughters is an opera singer and lives in Germany.
    Have a very lovely weekend.....Pauline

  13. New to your blog Mary but will be back again and again. Have been reading and enjoying for over an hour on a rainy afternoon in Victoria British Columbia Canada and may stay an hour more, because I can. Your photographs (too beautiful to call them picture) are absolutely amazing. Cheers.


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