Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Invitation to Penny's in Asheville.................

Have you managed to meet any of your blogging friends in person?
I have been extremely fortunate to do this many times in the last three years, both here in the USA and in Europe. Must say it's always been such a great experience.  To hug a friend known only previously on a computer monitor is so much fun!  I just know special friendships have been made this way, one of the better aspects of using a computer in one's daily life.

Mary & Penny - Treasure hunting in Asheville - October 2009
Last year I traveled to gorgeous Asheville, North Carolina to meet up with the most delightful blog friend, Penny of The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio.  Penny, as many of you know, is an amazing mosaic artist, fabulous house restoration expert (along with her charming husband), interior decorator, gardener, and one of the best 'treasure hunters' whom I was thrilled to go antiquing with in Asheville.

...............and here's the reason I'm gushing about Penny...............

We are invited to Penny's beautiful home (and believe me it truly is as I visited while she and K were still in the throes of renovation and decorating) for an Autumn brunch, and a visit to some of Asheville's great antiquing venues.  I'm definitely going to be there - and hopefully you can make it too.  Another plus will be viewing the North Carolina mountains dressed in Fall colors, always spectacular.

Go visit Penny at The Comforts of Home for more details of her invitation - it will definitely be fun as there are already several bloggers planning go.

Thanks Penny........can't wait to see you again.


  1. It sounds heavenly! Wish I could be there with you all - take lots of photos!


  2. I've been reading about this invitation with some envy! I hope you'll all blog about it so those of us in far-flung blog-land can attend vicariously.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Asheville, this would be a lovely time! But I doubt it will happen. Instead I wish you all a wonderful time!


  4. Hi Mary,
    Shoot........I won't be arriving in Charlotte NC until Thursday October 21st. (We'll be heading to Savannah for the QCI Annual meeting, via HHI).
    Never mind, I'll just have to read all about the visit from you.

  5. Mary, I know you and the others are going to have a fabulous time together. I wish I could sprout wings and fly in for the day. Have fun! I'll be thinking of you with a touch of envy. :-)
    ~ Sarah

  6. Ooooh, Asheville is not that far way. I will have to check on that one! Sounds like it would be fun!!
    Take care,

  7. Hi Mary!
    I am sooo looking forward to seeing you again! Along with at this point 7-8 others. The more the merrier!

    It should be beautiful here with the fall colors, slight chill in the air....I love antiquing in the fall.

    Thanks for getting the word out!

  8. Hi Mary, We have been gone most of the day and I wanted to respond to your comment about Ashevulle. I am so excited that you are going. Bill wants to come but It is Gator football game day. However, it is not a home game. He wants to see the game on TV. I will definitely be there and Bill is a maybe.

    I love your picnic ideas. I really am excited about using my picnic basket. I love the wine glasses that are included. Smiling BIG here.

    I'll keep you posted about Bill. He has to mull it over in his head a bit.

    Miss you and can't wait to meet in October.
    Love, Jeanne

  9. I have not visited any blogging friends yet. I am still pretty new to all of this. I am going to have to check out her invitation. Thanks for sharing it on your blog. I just might have to come to Asheville in October. Carla

  10. Hi Mary,

    I'm looking forward to meeting you and the others at Penny's brunch in October. I've only been to one blog get-together and we had a wonderful time.
    See you there.

  11. Meeting bloggers face to face is definitely a fun thing to do. Last week I was fortunate to meet two bloggers in Wisconsin. Wish I lived in GA. and I would be there for sure. Enjoy!

    Loved seeing your pictures at the lake. It looked like lots of fun.

  12. This sounds fabulous, Mary. Wish I could be there.

  13. I so wish I was going to be able to make the party but I am leaving for a cruise on the next day. Maybe after you get back and I get back, we can get together again! Have a great week.


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