Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hens on nests........

Are you into chickens?  Do you raise them, live on a farm with them, keep a couple in the back garden for fresh eggs........or like my friend Anna, of Chickens In The Basement who took a cute little girlie chick, let it grow big and strong in the house, following her about as she did her chores, until 'she' turned into a rooster!  Of course 'he' had to move to her basement and spend his time watching her paint furniture and such!!!!!  Anna, I still search for 'chicken articles' from European mags. for you girlfriend.............when will you get a day off and come back to SuzAnna's?

Why all this chatter about chickens?  Because dear ones, according to those shelter, homestyle, decor, call them what you may, magazines out there, hens who are sitting around on nests, have suddenly become 'collectible'. 

From Flea Market Style.......hens on nests
Tables in 19th century England often sported colorfully painted ceramic hens on nests.  People were drawn to their decorative outsides, not to mention the hard-cooked eggs often stashed inside.  You can expect to pay anywhere for $300 to $3,000 (yikes!!!) for a piece, with large colorful hens costing more than small plain ones.  The earliest hens aren't marked, so a hen stamped 'England' or 'Made in England' is newer, from the late 19th or early 20th centuries.  The hearty hens make great everyday table centerpieces, or use smaller hens on a dressing table to hold jewelery or trinkets.

I have a rooster in my kitchen too. He's definitely quieter than Anna's!  When I spied Ms. Hen looking down at me from a cabinet in Teresa and Gary's booth at SuzAnna's Antiques..............

...........I just knew she needed to come home to my kitchen to keep my Mr. Rooster happy.  She's adorable, softly colored and happy sitting there on her eggs.........and she certainly didn't cost much even though she not stamped England or anywhere else!  Teresa did say Ms. Hen belonged to someones grandmother so who knows, she could be old and valuable!  That's antiques and thrifting for you, never know what treasure you might find!

"Guess what?  I've got a girlfriend now.......


  1. Mary, you know I loved everything about this post. You know I'm into roosters, but lots of chickens live here as well. Some of them are sitting hens. ;-)
    Cute post! ~ Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

  2. Glad your rooster now has a girlfriend. Watch out, you might have some chicks soon! I love your handsome rooster and your beautiful new hen! They will make a fine pair. Looking forward to seeing you at Penny's. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. I love your kitchen rooster!
    A neighbour of mine called up recently to tell me her new chickens had arrived. I have been invited over to meet them all! I wonder if she'll let me name one?

  4. I love my little hen-on-a-nest. She used to only come out at Easter, but these days she'd out year round because she's so cute.
    We had a hen that turned out to be a rooster and we had to keep him in the house because our neighbour was so angry. I completely understand your friend's predicament!

  5. I love your rooster and especially your hen. I have one or two small ceramic hens including an antique Staffordshire one, I'm always attracted to anything like that.

  6. Do you know I didn't even realise I had a 'collection' of hens on nests until I started to read some of the wonderful Blogs from the USA?
    I love yours :o) She is so pretty and your rooster is fabulous.
    Best wishes
    Rose H
    P.S. I love reading Anna's blog too...

  7. Mary, I have a rooster lamp somewhere in my storage building that I need to unearth one of these days. I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing you at Penny's. When I visit the kids in Cary, I will stop by Suzanna's.

  8. I have a rooster which used to be a rooster lamp, but I didn't have all the pieces to it (I got it at a yard sale) so I took it apart, and now it is happy on top of my china cabinet! I also have a hen setting which I believe was used for a casserole dish. Was very interested to learn that it is now the "in" thing!! I doubt mine is worth that much though, but if I want the real thing I just go outdoors. The two roosters and 16 hens like to follow me around only if the dog isn't nearby!!!
    Take Care,

  9. Good Morning Mary,
    Your hen is lovely! Now I will be keeping my eye out for a nesting hen. You were right, we have been spending time in the back yard...heading out there right now!

  10. Lovely post, I too have collected Chickens and roosters for 7 years. Now I am tired of them and want a new French Chief's Kitchen. I guess I could look for French Chickens. LOL

  11. Hi Mary
    My best friend when I was a young girl had a galss hen on a basket that had belonged to her grandma. I just loved that little chicken and always wanted one just like it. I hadn't thought of that until I read your post. Thanks for the memory.
    See you soon.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  12. LOL! You are too funny Miss Mary!!

  13. Well, we have REAL hens sitting on nests, but the glass ones are very charming too. I have one small clear glass one in which I keep salt. These have been around for years and are one of the few things I've avoided collecting.... that is... till seeing this post.


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