Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sifting through............

This silk lampshade I made years ago when I still had to shop for trimmings in England as they were almost non-existent here. 

It really is hard to 'simplify' around the home when you've been collecting things for so long.  Beware young homemakers, be selective in your hunt for treasures for your later years you too may have to choose what to keep and what to share with others.  Not a bad thing though, it's always pleasant to see the happy look on someone's face when you gift them with a little something you have loved..........and now you feel is perfect just for them.

Inexpensive roses, yes I know, I'm always telling you of their virtues!  Even prettier once dried.

Many of the things I love did not cost much.......well not if you deduct the airfare to Paris or London......but I was going home or visiting family anyway!  The cost for beautiful bed and breakfasts in visit markets in those picturesque villages scattered among the olive groves, sunflower meadows, and lavender fields.......well worth each Euro, especially as I even met up with blog friends along the way, and there was plenty of history to keep DH entertained!

Ruffled and worn French paperbacks, my favorites, found in the tiny backstreet used book shop in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Provence.  The price?  A smidgen of what they were asking in the posh antiques shops along the river.

The old candle holder, patina included, a SuzAnna's Antiques find a few years back.........gas in the tank and just 10 minutes on the road gets me there, often!

It's the Fall Grand Opening at SuzAnna's Antiques this weekend, celebrating the new addition and dealers.  Unfortunately I'll be out of town and unable to hang out at our booth.......but sweet Vanessa will be there and looks forward to greeting anyone who can stop by.


  1. Beautiful photos Mary! I love that old candle holder. I am sorry you are missing the Grand Opening, but happy you are going to be here!!

  2. Lovely - everything has a story and a meaning.


  3. I love items that remind me of special trips. Money spent on travel is always well spent! Carla

  4. I love how your objects look both worn and loved at the same time~

  5. Memories are as sweet as the treasures. I do know how you feel. I am always trying to "have less", but it is hard to let go - and it is hard not to find new treasures.

    The package will be on my porch tomorrow morning. Have a fun and safe trip.

  6. Very sweet post, Mary! There is so very little that you do not treasure!

    Have a wonderful time at your luncheon! Wish I lived closer!


  7. G'morn, Mary ~
    What a lovely home decor ... so warm.
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  8. I just love the look of a good petina. It's really really growing on me. I see so much of it around and never give it a thought but I'm thinking I need to latch onto some of it eh? Your photos are gorgeous. Hugs. Tammy

  9. My house also overflows. I am beginning to give things as gifts also. Happy travels this weekend. I always love your beautiful collections, home decorating, and travels.

  10. Uh oh!! I might already be in trouble with all my stuff....hehehe!

  11. Oh your treasures are so beautiful. How wonderful of you to share them with others. Happy Autumn...

  12. Don't I know about having to cut back! My mother-in-law lived with her two sisters, and they each bought the same thing! So we had three of everything when she passed away. Thank goodness there were three boys!! It is so hard to part with things, but I'm slowly trying!! You do have some beautiful items though, and I'd be hitting the back streets of Europe too to find things!!
    See Ya!!

  13. Hi Mary!!

    I just LOVE the old french books!!!
    Yes i have so many collections and now I am looking for ways to pass them on!
    As usual your photos are great!
    Pamela xo

  14. Gorgeous photos Mary. Your advice for new collectors is so true. I try to buy only the things I truly love.....however, I seem to love more things than I can accommodate sometimes. One of the downsides to collecting.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Asheville.
    Until then,

  15. Love your new banner, what beautiful photos!! And I do know about buying 'stuff' and having to sift through it in our later years:) My kids are getting a lot of neat things!!

    xoxo Gert

  16. Mary, your words are echoing in my heart. I should have heard these words many years ago. Yes, it is wise to select carefully for one's nest. Like you, I love to pass along well loved pieces from our home. My niece receives things from time to time and seems genuinely pleased. I hope so.
    Travel safely. ~ Sarah

  17. Mary, Beautiful photos and I love your new header! It's really hard for me to let go of things but I am trying.
    xo, Sherry


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