Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas colors...........

The holiday season has arrived at SuzAnna's Antiques....so ladies and gents it's time to come on over and start shopping.  Every nook and cranny is filling up fast with Christmas decorations of every description......and the prices are fabulously affordable.  There are plenty of antique and vintage items, also retro and modern.  Something for every decorating style. 

Vanessa and I started adding a little color to our space last week, tucking special items in between the regular treasures.

I still intend keeping some neutral colored items on display.  I love adding white candles and fresh greenery to tarnished silver, mercury glass, and creamy ironstone...........as in Nordic Winter/Christmas style.  Adding a few sprigs of deep green cypress or fir, some bright berries, and trailing ivy from the garden, can make even ordinary everyday items look especially beautiful for the holiday season.

We'll be adding more ornaments, glass, silk, paper, as things sell and we have more display space - our offerings will always be beautiful and will look special in your home.

So dear friends, if you are in, or close to Raleigh, North Carolina, be sure to put SuzAnna's Antiques on your list of places to visit for holiday shopping.......whether for decorations, gifts for dear ones in your life, or even for something special on your personal 'wish list'.
Stop by, introduce yourself to the fun, helpful staff, all of whom are already in Christmas mode.....we'll be looking for you!


  1. Everything looks lovely Mary. I think you all are having too much fun decorating your booth...lol...

  2. Oh my gosh you are so blessed with the ability to decorate so beautifully! I wish we lived near I would so love to visit your shop! Have a blessed day !

    xoxo Gert

  3. AND...your springs are up! Dad got it hung yesterday so you have even more space to display on!

  4. Well, shoot! We were just down your way a couple weeks ago ... I had no idea you were there, Mary.

    Your shop has lots of lovely color & darling creations tucked in there ... hope your pockets jingle!

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. I need to come to Raleigh soon!!!! Carla

  6. Better than a toy store any day!!

  7. WOW!!! Yor really take good photos!!! God bless you!!! I really like your blog, so I became a follower, I would be so grateful if you would become a follower to my blog as well!!!

  8. Tantalizing pictures, Mary! The bright holiday colors are going to be gorgeous against a backdrop of neutrals. You gals really know how to decorate!

    Have a great week, Mary!


  9. Your space is very beautiful and looks very inviting. Happy Holiday sales...

  10. Oooh! You're getting me in the mood for Christmas Mary!

    Pop over to my blog please - there's an Award waiting for you :o)

    Best wishes
    Rose H

  11. I love the holiday decorations, especially special ones like you have in the pictures. Wish I were close enough to actually stop by.

  12. Oh, so lovely! I wish I could pop in for a visit. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  13. Just LOVE this!
    greetings from Holland.

  14. Hubby has some time off coming up, or maybe we can make it for the weekend sometime. Would love to see all the things you two put together!
    Take Care,

  15. The pics are beautiful and the hole stuff is really awesome!


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