Saturday, November 6, 2010

First frost due.........

This morning I felt the chill on the kitchen floor.   Time to dig out cozy socks but still too soon to crank up the heating.  I stood looking out at the rain while crunching on the best, true French bread (local La Farm bakery), toasted lightly, topped with butter and fig preserves, all warm and gooey.  Hells bells to diets once Winter is looming! Comfort food. Later I made a pot of soup, one of our faves, cream of cauliflower, topped with crusty croutons made with the last of that French bread.

Tonight we change the clocks, 'fall back' and relish that extra hour in the darker morning. 

I'm ready for it!!!


  1. The bread sounds delicious...especially on the soup! The frost is inevitable. No snow for us as predicted earlier, in fact is is supposed to get warmer over the next few days. Yay, for getting more outdoor chores done.

    Thanks for your compliment on my pictures!


  2. I covered my lettuces this afternoon!
    Come on frost!

  3. Mary, no frost here yet, but I've put my sandals away and brought out the socks. Enjoying wearing a sweater too. I love this time of year!
    Wishing you a cozy night. ~ Sarah
    The photo is gorgeous!

  4. Haven't been by for a while. Love the new look!!

  5. We change clocks tonight too - bliss tomorrow morning!

  6. I have already cranked up my heating, and my feet are cold on this side of the pond!!

  7. Beautiful photo of the oak with frost. It is cold in Maine also, I have the fireplace going,coffee
    and brioche.with Turner classic movies. The news is dull. Sorry to hear about Jill Clayborne's deat, she was a great actress..
    So have a WARM Sunday with warm tootsies.

  8. We've had to turn on the heat in the mornings. We don't keep it on very long, but it is too cold not to!


  9. I have fell back and was ready for it, bring on the soups and pots of stew I am ready for all of it. I love Winter!! HUgs, Janna

  10. That soup sounds so good. Have you tried making cauliflower "potato" salad? Delicious. We have had two nights of frost now. The greenhouse is full with plants, and hubby put solar lights in it. Yesterday morning when it was around 38 it was 80 in there! No wonder the cat likes to hang out in it. I need to get busy and make a batch of bread, and speaking of socks I have two pairs on. I need to talk to my crafty lady next door to crochet another pair of warm slippers! Hope the two of you have a wonderful and rested Sunday!
    Take Care,

  11. I was thinking of you this morning at breakfast! I got Trader Joe's pumpkin butter and it seemed like something you would just love on your toast in the morning! You should try it!

  12. Everything sounds so yummy. Sure beats my Fiber One and 1/2 a your frosty leaf photo.

  13. Great photo and quote. Crusty bread and soup, oh yummm!


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