Friday, November 5, 2010

November Garden Notes..........

Good morning friends.......the sun is back today and Autumn is in full swing now the rains of yesterday have moved on. My garden looks so pretty with the new grass up and so very green today.

I've not mentioned the garden much since having to cut down so many of my shrubs in order to assist the house painters in early October.  Not only were the hydrangeas, jasmines, and roses traumatized, I was devastated just looking at what I'd done!

Instead, I had to decorate the porch for Autumn to take my mind off the bare looking flower beds in front of it.  With the beautiful Carolina jasmines gone from the porch posts I felt exposed...............fortunately I found a couple of replacement Boston ferns, still lush and green, hanging them have helped a bit.

With night time temperatures dropping now, and some much needed rain falling, the garden is springing back to life.  I had filled in the bare spots with large pots of ivy, planted pansies and violas, but now the hydrangeas are leafing out and growing tall already (you can just see leaves of one on the right above).  Hopefully there may still be a chance of some blowzy blue blooms come Spring!  The Summer blooming lantana is back, bright with yellow flowers until the first frost.  Although you can't see them here, both jasmines at each end of the porch are growing vigorously and may be twirling up their respective posts come late Winter. 

I'm so excited and thankful.....

..............and can you believe the Peace roses!!  These pics were taken this week after a rain shower.  Cutting them down to a few inches so the painters' had room for their ladders, and begging them not to step on them, has apparently rejuvenated these beauties........the fragrant blooms are the prettiest ever!

Are you, like me, hesitant to prune and trim when beautiful shrubs have grown to great heights and look so lush? I now believe that perhaps Nature needs a hand now and then..............and she, in return, brings them back looking even healthier and lovelier than before.

Thank you Mother Nature for giving my much-loved garden a new life.  See you in the Spring!


  1. the gardens here are all put to sleep ...
    you are so blessed to still have roses ...
    they are beautiful,like you ...

  2. Your garden looks lovely even when it is bedded down for the winter.

  3. Your roses are beautiful, and your garden looks lovely and green. I still have a little bit going in my potager. We had broccoli the other night from the garden.

  4. Oh my gosh these roses are beautiful , our flowers r almost all gone here in Iowa.

    xoxo Gert

  5. Hi Mary,
    We're sharing the same weather, isn't that something!
    Your porch is lovely and so beguiling, what a wonderful place to sit and contemplate the new growth springing up, as your garden rejuvenates itself.
    I have to say though that the photographs of your Peace rose, beautifully enhanced by sparkling rain water diamonds, took my breath away.
    The forecast for the weekend here on HH is for sunshine and blue skies, perfect weather for gardening!

  6. Your garden is still lovely! We enjoyed the rain, too. Carla

  7. The Peace rose is one of my favorites. I feel like I can almost smell it looking at your beautiful pictures. And what a good solution to hang the ferns. Your porch is so inviting. I wish I could sit there and have a chat with you. Just beautiful!

  8. Oh Mary! That is beautiful! Lucky lady you!!

  9. The rain you had is now making it's way through our Maritime Provinces in Eastern Canada today with temperatures in the mid-teens (celsius). Your front porch and garden looks lovely and inviting. Enjoy your sunny, warm weather. Our fall is well underway and we've had our killing frosts and a touch of snow one day already. No more flowers this year for us. Pamela

  10. I have nothing blooming except some stubborn geraniums in a flower box. And I have fall mums on my porch. We are down to 30 degrees today and colder at night! Do you have blooms all winter long in your climate? Your roses really are beautiful, especially with the raindrops on them!

    Happy Weekend!


  11. OMG those roses with the droplets of water are amazing. Your photography is stellar, Mary.
    Beautiful porch setting. I like the bench with the little bird houses all lined up. Any residents? ~ Sarah

  12. The roses are so beautiful. I always hate to cut mine back in February yet they do better when it is done. Love what you have done on the front porch. Here today it has been very, very cold with a hard frost predicted. This morning was sunshine with a few clouds until I went up the hill to see my daughter. Big black clouds from nowhere. I mentioned to her maybe it might snow then her husband call us outside. Ice pellets coming down from the sky! As I ran down the hill I had lots of ice, a few snowflakes, and then a half hour later sunshine again. Crazy weather! So I hope that you are enjoying your sunshine and warmth! My poor roses will be gone by morning...
    Take Care,

  13. Simply breathtaking. Your vision is beautiful. Happy Autumn...


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