Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Saturday

Told you so.................there's a fabulous array of really vintage Christmas ornaments, including fabulous PINK Shiny Brite balls from the 50's and 60's, awaiting you at SuzAnna's Antiques and the prices are the best around - will not break your budget at all!

All these are in our friend Jeannie's great booth, and I just know she probably has a lot more in her own adorable cottage shop in downtown Hillsborough, North Carolina. So, if you're close to that location be sure to look her up at Uniquitiques ~ Antiques & Interior Design.  Don't you just love the dusty pink mixed with aqua?

Even the vintage boxes are adorable.  Most of these are real blown glass ornaments, remember how your kitty, pup, or toddler, would knock one off and it would shatter into a hundred pieces........but you didn't get mad because it was just another of those wonderful Christmas traditions!  I forgot to check, but I have a strong feeling these were actually made in the USA by hard working Americans and, unlike Martha's plastic ones, didn't float thousands of miles across oceans after being made by people, including children, working for meagre, way below poverty level, wages!  Oops, started to climb up on the soap box there..............getting down right now!  I just know you have better things in mind for your weekend than listening to me spout off about America's loss of jobs, and poor quality wares from distant shores being foisted upon us!!

So dear friends, Happy Pink Saturday.........hope you've started any shopping you need to do for the holidays.  Meanwhile take a coffee break and stop by Beverly's How Sweet the Sound blog to enjoy many great pink posts.


  1. Hi dear... as you know, I'm still doing things in th eold fasshined way... all my xmas ornaments are breakable and I love them! Luna has been really good about not playing with them as well. I already have all xmas things set up! Love this time of the year... Have a lovely weekend! Love, Vanessa

  2. Those Christmas ornaments really are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos!!!

    God Bless you, and everyone!!!


  3. They would look sweet on a a vintage silver tree. I have one up north that I hang only blue balls on when we spend Christmas in NC.

  4. Beautiful ornaments! I have a lot of pink and aqua vintage ornaments and they make me smile.

    Happy PS!


  5. These are so wonderful. I have a pink tree and love to use pink ornaments- these would go so well!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  6. Such lovely ornaments. I think we have several of those boxes with the original balls. Love them. Thank goodness the kids are all grown and the dogs well behaved. Love your post, it's been a while since I've visited so I just read and read and read. Lovely blog. Have a great day.

  7. It is that time of year again, cant wait until we do our decorations. Happy PS.

  8. even as kid, these have made my heart go pitter patter, forever!

  9. How pretty the vintage baubles are and how wonderful that they have survived.
    Hope your weekend is just as glitzy!

  10. Love these pink vintage ornaments. Wished I lived near her shop. I wouls scoop some of these up. Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. I just love the ornaments of yesteryear and that's why I love to go to my dad's home at Christmas time to see all of the original ornaments I grew up with. These are a great reminder, too!

    It's okay to get on your soap box once in awhile...especially when it's the awful truth. But now I'm going to wish you a wonderful weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!!


  12. I love all those vintage ornaments ~ perfect for celebrating PINK Saturday!

    I'm a new follower & love your blog.

  13. Talk about fun family memories for this member of the baby boomer generation! My parents and grandparents both had delightful Christmas ornaments like these. Most of mine are not so fragile. I know many would say it's because of all my cute grandkids, but in reality - it's because I'm a bit on the klutzy side. :) So I Have to enjoy others, like these, instead :) Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. I can recall all pink trees from the 60s when it was the fashion to flock a tree and then decorate with the ornaments in all one color. Beautiful pinks!
    Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Sarah

  15. Very pretty ornaments you have shown us today Mary.
    Happy PS and have a fab weekend

  16. I could just kick myself. We used to have boxes and boxes of these. Over the years they seem to have disappeared. However, you just cannot keep everything.

  17. Shopping mostly done yesterday. Cards done today. Ok, I am ready to decorate. I would so love those pink glass balls. The turquoise would be loved too. I think I must find some.

  18. Dear Mary, Shiny Brites are definitely beautiful and very vintage. My sister loves to find these Christmas bulb treasures to sell. There are many collectors out there for Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments. I love the pinks you have shared today. I also agree about them being made in the USA. Your concern and sentiments about our country are so true.

    I am sending you blessings and love for a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones all around you. Just in case I don't get back to you dear. I am feeding 30, so busy is an understatement. Our son and his family are coming from Raleigh. Oh joy!
    Love you much, Jeanne

  19. Hi:
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been very bad lately about visiting my friends. I do so remember these ornaments and still have some of them in my attic.
    I agree, wouldn't it be great if all things in USA could be made there again.
    I am having a very nice visit in Holland. We are going to a christmas market in Germany on thursday.

  20. Oh Mary, you are such a teaser! You do know how to get our attention girl. Love, love, love, the vintage pink ornaments. You rock! *hugs*

  21. I remember those ornaments. I remember mom's reaction even more when we broke one. Happy Pink Saturday. Hey I'm having a giveaway!

  22. Hey Miss Mary!!!! You always have the best photo's!!! I hope you are doing well and happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Love ya!

  23. Happy Pink Saturday and wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Mary.

    The pink ornaments are so pretty and quite nostalgic. My mother used to decorate a silver tree all in blue, and I thought it was so pretty.

  24. I just found your blog today, and had to comment!
    You have said just what I think about America and her jobs, only MUCH better!!!!! Please feel free to get right back up on your soap box...America needs to WAKE UP!! There is no possibility of the economy recovering until we get the jobs back here!!
    Thanks for speaking for me!!

  25. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I see a few things that I already have, you have wonderful merchandise. Best wishes to you Dear Mary..

  26. Love the pink, and the old things have a certain style don't them don't they!
    Take Care,


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