Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kindness of friends............

Before I take a little blog break over the weekend so I can DECORATE for Christmas, and get ready to spend time with special friends who will be visiting..............I'm sharing this beautiful gift I received the other evening from my sweet and most dear friend Mary Ann.  The lovely words defining KINDNESS resonated immediately......special thoughts needed at this time of year, when life gets so hectic, many things get in the way of slowing down a wee bit, and just being kind to others may take extra patience and thoughtfulness. 

Have a wonderful weekend..........know each of you will be busy, hopefully doing enjoyable holiday things.  I hope the people who cross your path will show kindness to you, because being who YOU are, I already know you are sharing your smile, touch, listening ear, and many kind words both on your blog, and in your comments.  Thank you for stopping by, I'm always thrilled to hear from you.


  1. Mary, how perfect these words are for each of us all the year through. A little bit of kindness doesn't cost a thing and can truly have the potential to change one's life. What a beautiful gift to a friend who definitely offers kindness to those she encounters. I know. I've been one of those touched by your kindness!
    Enjoy your holiday decorating this weekend. ~ Sarah

  2. That should be posted in every school, every shop, everywhere people gather. We've come to equate happiness/success with the accumulation of money and 'stuff', while in reality it is derived from the quality of our relationships. Imagine a world where everyone treated everyone else with kindness!

  3. That is lovely. Have a fun time with your friends.

  4. A very special gift and sentiment. Happy weekend. Mine has been a bit of playing: cutting a Christmas tree down for the kitchen, visiting a bazaar, an art walk, and best of all an antique mall where they were celebrating Christmas. I thought of you when I visited the antique mall. You would have loved it.

  5. I love your sign. I am writing it in my quote journal to keep. A little act of kindness goes a long way. And you never know what an impact your simple act of kindness will have on someone. Even something as simple as a smile, can turn someone's life around at that moment. Give it a try sometime! Enjoy your time with your company! Love & blessings from NC!

  6. You are quite right, kindness is a very important thing and makes all the difference to the way people feel. Enjoy your weekend of decorating:)

  7. What a wonderful gift to receive! Kindness is something that we can all have a little extra of.
    Take Care,


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