Monday, March 7, 2011

Early March garden notes..................

This past weekend brought mixed weather to the garden.

While looking upward one sees just slight budding on certain trees - like this one with a visiting Blue Jay - others are blossoming and bringing back some color to the dull garden.

After having to remove the huge tilting oak tree in the front garden in January of last year, I planted this small tulip poplar (the magnolia to those of you not here the South - our magnolias are the giant-leaved ones with huge white flowers and heavy perfume). This one blooms before the leaves appear and fortunately mine seems happy in this spot. 

I love blue hyacinths........but somehow mine are pink this Spring!  It's OK though, any flower brave enough to push up through the still cold earth is welcome.  These resemble porcelain flowers among the dry brown oak leaves.

Saturday was warm and pleasant.  After devouring his usual meal of acorns on the deck rail, this guy, one of many who nest in our garden trees, decided to relax and take a sunbath...............feels so good after the long, cold Winter.

Sunday it clouded up, showers moved in, and by late afternoon torrential downpours and strong winds passed over us.  I managed to get outside (visible in that gazing globe!) to take a few interesting shots about the garden including this one of the new growth sprouting on the clematis.  The deep red camellias in the background are on my neighbor's shrub.

As always, in Spring, the garden requires a lot of work. Guess I need to head to the potting shed, sharpen up the pruners, pull on the gloves and get out there and just do it........and soon!


  1. Ohhh so Lovely! My husband misses his land of Scotland! Maybe we will move back one day..ox

  2. beautiful, beautiful!! i love magnolias, but never seen the in "real life". i think apple and lilac trees are utterly lovely also.

    and oh, that lovely squirrel!

  3. Looks like you have some happy residents in your garden Mary! Doesn't it make you smile inside to see the first signs of spring with such spectacular flowers bursting forth.
    Have a great week!
    Rose H

  4. Oh Mary what a wonderful post! I just love all this new life! Your plants & flowers are all just so pretty! Thank you do much for a glimpse of what's to come!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Signs around here too. The red bud trees are gorgeous this year and I've a crop of blue irises blooming along side the blue hyacinths. Isn't it lovely.
    ~ Sarah

  6. Isn't it wonderful to be able to get outside and potter in the garden?
    I was out in the sunshine working on seed trays this afternoon but still needed a down jacket to keep out the chill, and there you are in short sleeves!

  7. I love your visit to the garden. I will show my pictures tomorrow. The pinks are so pretty. We have some tulips coming up that are suppose to be blue, but last year they were red. We have fertilized them and now I am hoping for blue tulips. Camellias are blooming nearby here too. Spring buds just bring a smile to my face.

  8. Looks like you have some pretty things blooming. We head back March 28th and I hope I'll see some things coming up. Pretty photos.

  9. Magnolias of all kinds are really beautiful! I love yours! Thanks for sharing your garden with us!

  10. Look at your pretty blooms! Nothing is blooming here yet in my yard, but we don't have much landscaping at this point. We will be working on that this spring and summer!

  11. Yes, gardens are hard work this time of the year, especially when all you feel like doing is basking in the warm sunshine like that squirrel!

  12. gorgeous photos!!!!!!!!!
    i have a magnolia de same colour!
    Happy week,

  13. I'm living vicariously through you, as we still have some snow on the ground here. Any sign of Spring is welcome!


  14. Lovely garden flowers Mary!
    I can just smell the hyanciths Mary! Pink is my favourite!

    Pamela xo

  15. How beautiful..... here we are a little late on the springtime side, too bad!

  16. Wow! I love your spring shots. Thank you for sharing. I still have another month and a half before Spring... that's Alaska for you

  17. I want a tulip tree. My parents had one. They are just so pretty! The squirrel was certainly relaxing...such a cute picture! At least you are able to enjoy your neighbor's camellia.
    Take care,


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