Tuesday, April 5, 2011

..............I've been hiding out!

Well, not really hiding, just spending a lot of time working on a pile of necessary things.  They had stacked up so high I felt I was drowning, yep, going down for the third time almost!

Number one priority was getting my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques re-organized.  Vanessa and I now each have our own space but, are still partners in antique/vintage treasure hunting crime!  The gals on the other side of that green painted wall on the right side moved out..........and Vanessa moved in. This all happened the weekend before last and has kept me very busy. We now each have a space to call our own, but we will be looking out for each other, as after all, we are the greatest of friends.

Remember my SIMPLIFY sign?  I love it so much but have decided to share it with someone new, someone who, like me, needs to work on simplifying their life.  Did it work?  Have I simplified?  In all honesty, not really.  I don't think I'll ever have a truly simple life, I'm just too darned busy doing too many things, going too many places........but loving it all!

This metal bird table or candle holder, I can see it as either, sits on an old white farm table which sold last weekend..........that meant rushing around to find another to take it's place!  Being a dealer with just a little shop still requires lots of work............but it is great fun.


Oops, was trying to add more photos but can't!

Google has just informed me that I've run out of photo storage and need to buy more!  May be a few days before I'm back here again!

Hopefully I'll soon have some time to catch up with everyone - reading your posts is fun but I need time to leave comments too!

The burlap covered French bergere chair has been SOLD.


  1. What fun to each have your own space. Business must be good!
    I know what you mean about coming up for air. Work in the garden has had me away from the computer. It's fun to try to catch up a bit at night.
    Happy Spring, my friend. ~ Sarah

  2. Missing you dear!!! I was thinking about you all day today! Hope you are doing just fine. Love the look in your booth!! Absolutely stunning! Love the pillow covers and the table in the back. Let's have some coffee sometime soon. Love you, Vanessa

  3. I have been busy too, so haven't come by for a few days. Lovely to see your new space.

  4. Your booth looks great!
    I didn't know that one could run out of photo storage room. I guess it will be happening to all of us soon.

  5. How nice to have your own space, to be able to spread a little.

  6. Life is busy for a girl named Mary. But, the important part is that you are enjoying it all.♥

  7. I'm so glad you are so busy and now have your own booth. That means business is good.

  8. It sounds like you are having the time of your life Mary....

    I love the look of your booth.

  9. Take . a . deep . breath.....aaaah :)

  10. Mary, sounds like everything is coming together in your space! I love the things you have shown us!

  11. Mary..it sounds like everything is coming together for you.. Love all the things in your space.. Would love to be able to visit!!!

    xoxo Gert

  12. It looks really great. I'd stop by if I lived nearby. You have the eye for displays.

  13. Love your space Mary. Simplify.....hmmm....lately around my house it has been like you know what on wheels! Plus blogger has not allowed me to upload from picassa either although I still have storage space left, quite a bit too! So it has been one big pain. Now I'm off to read some more before blogger changes its mind again!
    Take Care,

  14. Mary! What a beautiful space on the net! This truly is a breath of fresh air! Gorgeous photographs! Love the piano music. It brings tears to my eyes! What a lovely experience to visit your blog. Simply delightful! I'll be back and spend some more time here. BTW...the bluebird photograph will be perfect for Kim from "bluebirds and butterflies" space. I've never seen a bluebird, but hope to see one this year. Looking for a special nesting box.

  15. I am new to your blog, I followed you from The house of Edward.

    I love that little birdcage! Do you ship? I would love to buy that!


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