Monday, September 5, 2011

Nature boy, and girl.............

This is one of my most favorite shots ever.  I didn't realize just how lovely the background was until I was going through the photos I took of Jasmin and our friend Cullen - lucky guy who actually lives year round at Lake Almanor.  This was the drive we took to Round Valley Lake.  Cullen is now in college - we've enjoyed his company for the past three years when we've stayed in Northern California.  

When Paula had us all hop in the car and drove us off to scenic spots in and around Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park, Cullen often accompanied us, camera in hand of course as we all are avid photographers. 

Here we were actually on Mt. Lassen.  Jasmin and Cullen tried hard but couldn't budge this huge volcanic boulder.

Can you imagine growing up in this beautiful place?  Jasmin on Mt. Lassen - snow still remaining even in August, but temperatures very warm.

Cullen looking across the mountains and probably realizing how fortunate he is to live here - mountains, lakes, all the beauty of Nature right on his doorstep.
Don't you love when young people go out and enjoy the great outdoors - so much better than spending Summertime in front of a computer screen!

I'm off to Washington, D.C. this morning.  Have to see an embassy person about a visa - another big trip being planned.
Enjoy your Labor Day celebration - see you soon.


  1. Beautiful scenery and looks like you all had a really fun day.

  2. What beautiful photos. I would never want to leave there!

  3. Mary, Happy Labor Day to you too!! ENJOY!

  4. Spectacular photos! Thank you so much for taking us along on your travels.

  5. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Yes, it so nice to see (young and adult children) outside, or doing anything other than sitting in front of the television or video games.

  6. As always stunning photos that make me craving more for lots of travels....

  7. Who would want to gaze on anything else? Beautiful landscape, so peaceful and serene.

  8. Oh what beautiful photos! And yes this is an amazing place to live and to visit! Can't wait to hear all about your coming up adventure!

    Blessings & Happy Labor Day!

  9. Gorgeous shots and beautiful young people. Good luck with your visa business!

  10. Mary, you are just around the corner from us in DC.

    Spectacular photos & gorgeous scenes captured. This is one place we didn't visit in CA when we lived there. TY for sharing.

    Have a beautiful holiday ~
    TTFN ~

  11. Mountain views always take my breath away when I stand and just look and take it all in. These are some really nice shots! Thanks for sharing them.

  12. Beautiful scenery, Mary. I agree...for young people to enjoy nature and this beautiful country we have, I think it is an education unto itself. are planning another trip? I am looking forward to hearing about it!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!


  13. Jasmin is growing up to be a beautiful young lady.
    I am sure she appreciates all the wonderful trips you take her on. the scenery there is gorgeous.



  14. Hope the VISA is taken care of painlessly.

    I do love it when anyone, but especially young people enjoy the out of doors. My daughter and her boyfriend go hiking as often as possible and tell me of the beautiful scenery they see.

  15. Gorgeous images! Off to DC. You are a busy lady. Have fun!

  16. Gorgeous photo's, truly breathtaking scenery, and snow still in August!
    Where are you off to next, I wonder?

  17. Special moments and lasting memories, that first photo is a winner! The animals must be happy roaming this vast landscape. The fish... I think they are dancing in their watery bed.

    Lorraine xx

  18. Definitely a beautiful place to grow up in and to visit.


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