Friday, September 2, 2011


............where does it go?  Why is there never enough of it?

Perhaps you've been following me for a while so you know I stay quite busy for a 'senior citizen'. Yes, I am one of them, how did that happen?  Age doesn't really bother me, it's just a number on the scale of life.  I certainly don't feel old.  I try not to act that way despite the little annoying aches and pains that crop up now and then, the wrinkles from so many years of smiling (smile!), and the grey hairs which, by choice, I have my delightful hair stylist turn into my red 'crowning glory'.

So this isn't going to be a post about aging, more about finding time to do everything.  Perhaps I'm slowing down or, more likely, I'm taking longer to accomplish things because I procrastinate a little more. Knowing I don't have to be up at the crack of dawn, something we earn once retirement arrives, and can 'put things off' because there's always a free day sometime in the week, gives one some leeway in the busy scheme of things.

So, where is all this leading?  Right here of course to my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques.

I've been here almost 12 months as a dealer and it's been a wonderful experience.  I've learned a lot about antiques and vintage lovelies.  Sharing many hours chatting with other dealers, as well as Susie and Jenny the great mom and daughter duo shop owners, has been a big part of my life.  Even when my dear friend Vanessa decided to leave our shared booth I thought I could perhaps carry on.  However, being a "shopkeeper" of sorts takes time, and a lot of commitment, and now I just don't have much of either due to a busy travel schedule the remainder of this year and all of next.

A sale is in the works.  I'm tying up loose ends at the shop and will be vacating my booth at the end of September.  Fortunately SuzAnna's usually has a list of people waiting to rent space so I know someone will move in.  I'll be sad leaving but of course it won't be 'goodbye'.  I'll always be a shopper if not a dealer, stopping by to treasure hunt when time permits, and always ready to chat with the gals. 

Meanwhile, shopping right now revolves around 'gear' and packing it into duffel bags.  No satin evening gowns like this vintage beauty hanging at SuzAnna's!  

I'll soon show you some of the wild things I'm readying for the sub-Antarctic voyage..........take my word they're not very pretty, stylish, or by any means elegant, but they're certainly necessary! 

All photos taken at Suzanna's Antiques, Raleigh, North Carolina.


  1. I know you will enjoy your travels, tho not saying good bye to antiquing ...

    Have a great holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~

  2. It sounds wonderful that you're moving on to more interests and I'll be looking forward to where your travels take "us"

  3. Oh Suzanna...boy can I relate to you on time. Since I retired...and am a senior citizen like you...I have a hard time getting as much done as I use to. That being said~~~I think you are amazing with all you do. And your travels... I'm so glad you share them with us...especially those of us who can't bless you!

    xoxo Gert

  4. Can't wait to hear the latest travel stories. One of the things one earns with retirement is the right to only do something like run a booth in an antique mall for as long as it's fun and doesn't get in the way of the next fun thing!

  5. I love being retired. I don't do much but time still seems to fly by.

  6. I can understand totally about time, or lack of it! I used to sell at antique and collectors fairs but I'm afraid the packing and unpacking, and lugging the stock in and out of the attic got a bit much. Now I 'do' an occasional one just to get rid of the remaing stock. I have no doubt you will miss your booth, but as you say it's not goodbye.
    Your travels are wonderful, and I enjoy reading about them and seeing your fabulous photos.
    Have a fun weekend!
    Rose H

  7. Hi Mary,
    You've put such love and effort into your booth that I'm sure it will be a wrench to say goodbye.
    I'm sad that I never got to see it in person, mais c'est la vie!
    One place of "yours" that I will be seeing soon is Brixham!
    The Senior Partner & I are off to The Lugger, Portloe, Cornwall next week for a few days.
    Followed by a couple of nights in Brixham and lots of retail therapy!
    bon weekend, mon ami

  8. Well Mary , I am amazed at your energy and all your travels, but love your zest for life. Your enthusiasm really shines through, so even if you give up your booth you can still be part of it as a visitor and friend. Making time for all the things we want to do is a real balancing act, sometimes it means making hard choices.

    I am looking forward to sharing your trip. Not being good on water, get bad sea sickness, this will be the nearest I get to a cruise!
    Yes I can image your waterproofs and thermals will be playing a big part of your wardrobe., not evening dresses.
    Have a peaceful weekend, now the hurricane has gone. The shells on the beach would have had me filling my collecting bag. Here it is absolutely pouring with rain and a blanket of grey mist.

  9. Sometimes you just have to make priorities and travel is certainly one on my list. I,too, am trying to cram as much as I can into my life, as I get older.

    Can't wait to see the photos of your next adventure.

  10. Oh.. your booth was really lovely. So sad you have to give it up, but sometimes it's just all to much to juggle, isn't it? Have fun on your travels wherever they may be.


  11. Sorry you're giving up the booth, but totally understand -- shopkeeping is very hard work and time-consuming. And you have so many wonderful adventures in store.

    I hope to get over there before you close it up, as I do love your pretty pictures of it all.

  12. You will miss your little shop, I am sure. But what adventures you have planned. At our age we have to make choices of our time and I certainly would choose the adventures. I am still doing my business, but re-evaluating how it is done and making changes.

  13. Has it already been 12 months! Time DOES fly by in may ways and that never ceases to amaze well as the fact of my own years having flown by so that now I'm in my big deal, just rather amazing. You gave your darling little shop a good go, but as you say, those sorts of commitments do take lots of time and attention...and having your time free for more travel adventures will be marvelous.

  14. Mary, I'm so sorry to hear that you'll be closing down your booth at Suzanna's. I'm even more sorry (and embarrassed!) that I never made it over to see you AND your wares. Maybe I can try to make a trip by there the next time we drive in to Raleigh. Otherwise, maybe we'll run in to you and Bob (again!) next weekend at the Hot Sauce Contest in Oxford!! Keep in touch. All the best.


  15. Isn't it amazing how time can get away from us as we get older? I am not sure where this summer went, I still have some annuals that I haven't planted and part of me still thinks it's June. I know you have such a great attitude and will always remember your foray into shopmistressdom with fond sighs:)

    My Mom and Dad did OK with Irene. I think it was more central Vt that was devastated, they suffered with flooding in May, but didn't even lose their power with Irene. Us? We lost it Sunday at noon and were not fully functional until Thursday night. What a drag, but we had nice candles and I had a booklight..possibly the best invention since electricity :)


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