Sunday, September 2, 2012

This weekend..........

............there is little time for celebrating the end of Summer and Labor Day.

.......I made fig jam - thanks Bob for doing all that picking and suffering the mosquito bites so I didn't have to. I trimmed shrubs, and weeded. I packed clothes - several times until I got it right, hopefully! Chose jewelry - when evening comes on board ship a plain tee needs a bit of bling. Had a lunch out with granddaughter Jasmin and her cute and very polite boyfriend. Yes, Jasmin now has a boyfriend, she will soon be sweet 16! 

Australia is calling - I'll have tomorrow to tie up loose ends then off to California on Tuesday. Perhaps I'll have time to BREATHE DEEPLY - Appreciate the Moment. Great words seen recently on the wall of the mall.

Happy Labor Day - wishing you sunshine and fun times.


  1. Fig jam sounds delicious. Every year I want to make something like that, but I think our fig tree has about 15 figs, still green, this year. Happy travels!

  2. Yum! Fig jam is a favorite around here, especially served on brie. ;-)
    Travel safely and have a wonderful time..........Sarah

  3. Hello Mary:
    Fig jam sounds absolutely delicious. And we hope there will be a pot or two remaining in the cupboard for your return!

  4. Sounds like you have everything in hand for your trip. Breathing deeply is a good thing to remember throughout life.

    Enjoy your Labor Day Monday and the start of your trip.

  5. You're on countdown now Mary!
    I'm very impressed you made time to put away some fig jam!!
    Best wishes to you and Paula - have fun!

  6. As an Aussie I truly hope you enjoy your trip here. All the best with the long flight.

  7. I love your mosaic, Mary.
    Fig jam sounds delicious. There is usually a little house by my office that sells them every summer, but so far I haven't seen the sign.
    It sounds like you have everything in order for your next journey. Now all that's left is having a wonderful trip :).

  8. I have never had a fig, so I will have to take your word that the jam is good!! ;-D

    Have a safe and happy trip, sweet lady!


  9. Thinking of you dear, and wishing you a wonderful trip. I'll be here looking forward to hear all about you trip, and spending time with you when you get back. Have a safe trip! Love ~ Vanessa


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