Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Favorite Thing Saturday - friendship and hair...........

.............and we still feel like we did back in the sixties.  
Well on good days we do!
On our most recent expedition to Antarctica we managed well, climbing into Zodiac boats, clambering up glaciers, jumping across crevasses (little ones!), hiking over rocky penguin covered hillsides, muddying our Wellies in slick, stinky, squelchy guano pools, and keeping our balance - most of the time - on board M/S Expedition while being tossed across often angry southern oceans.

When we first met in Washington, D.C, after leaving our homes in England, we immediately became friends and led a busy crazy life in the city. We don't have a lot of photographs of us together in those long ago days but this one has always been special. We thought we were 'the cat's whiskers' in our back-combed teased flips and beehives. These were the 'in' hairstyles of the day prior to the late, great, Vidal Sassoon coming out with geometric cuts in 1964. He liberated women by giving us the freedom to toss the rollers and bonnet dryers for ever.......and off we could go around the world with a brush and a blow dryer.

Vintage display at SuzAnna's Antiques, Raleigh, NC

A true and lasting friendship is something very special. 
I'm thankful that Paula and I have had this for such a long time.
We'll be traveling again this Spring, more on another exciting trip later.

Linking this to A Favorite Thing over at Claudia's Mockingbird Hill Cottage today.  
Guess two favorite things qualify - a great friendship and my trusty blow dryer.


  1. No many have any relationship that lasts that long....truly special and so glad you can contintue to enjoy each others company.

  2. Two beautiful women ... then and now. Yours sounds like a wonderful friendship and true blessing.

    Three cheers for Vidal Sassoon!!!

  3. What a great and long lasting friendship - the bouffant hair style!!! - all the hair lacquer that was used in the hair saloons couldn't have been good for the hairdressers or the clients.

  4. You are to beautiful women....then and now. How wonderful that you have maintained your close friendship over all of these years.

  5. how wonderful! true friendship.
    I love seeing the hair! Your's still longer and framing your face...hers swept back more off the face and ears!
    We get set in our ways...and leave some the same for comfort. Like you friendship!
    It sounds like a comfortable relationship!
    via MHC

  6. I love the 1963 photo of you and Paula. I had a very similar hairstyle that you did. Those were the days, my friend.... It's wonderful that you and Paula continue to share your friendship for 50 years and that you enjoy these marvellous adventures together.

  7. As a pre-teen I left England and two close friends in 1954. I still write (snail mail to one friend, in 1945 we started school together when we were four years old). We have met only once since then.
    The other friend used to write, e-mails now, we have met several times since 1954. Just wish we lived closer, however, after saying that, maybe that is why our friendship has continued.
    Where are you off to next?

  8. Such a cute photo of you two, Mary. I agree, long time friendships are a special gift. Glad you and Paula can have these amazing travel experiences to share together. Can't wait to hear about your next trip........Sarah

  9. I majored in hair drying in the early 60s~! Thanks heavens those days are over with! ;)

  10. Oh yes, I remember those hair styles! I was a little too unsophisticated at 13 to try teasing my hair into beehives, and then we were soon into long, straight hair parted in the middle by the time I graduated high school so I missed all the "fun." The popular girls at school, however, wore these styles very well. You and Paula are indeed very blessed to have such a long and good friendship. That is a real gift. And I think it's great you are traveling all over the world together now too.

  11. I didn't know you and Paula went back so far...that's so special. You are both beautiful, amazing women! I, for one, would love for the old beehive hairdo's to come back!


  12. I am always envious of women that have special friendships such as you and Paula have. It is indeed to be treasured, which I believe you do. I do remember those days with teased hair. How exciting to be planning yet another trip. I have one friend from almost the time we were born, but we don't ever see each other. I still treasure that we have kept in touch all these years.

  13. Love reading about your friendship with Paula. A deep connection like the one you two have is rare and special. I just wrote about my best friend Laural this week! Maybe it's a week for celebrating friendship! I'm so glad you two have stayed friends and have had all those wonderful adventures together.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  14. This is a wonderful favourite thing! Friendships such as yours and Paula's are rare, indeed. You've stuck together through hair and travel!

  15. HOW did I miss this post?!!
    Mary dear, your beautiful sixty's photo really resonates with me!
    You and Paula were just the "bee's knees"!!!! Love the hairdos!
    Isn't it great that Paula remained in the States too - I hope I'm right in saying that - I seem to remember you telling us some time ago that she lives in San Francisco...

    I'm lucky to have a wonderful friendship that goes back that far too with my dear friend Jennie - sadly I haven't got a photo of us together in those days.
    We looked exactly like you and Paula of course - those were the days.
    Jen and I are lucky as we're both in Auckland and we meet up nearly every Friday for a cafe lunch and a goss!!
    Shane ♥

  16. 50 years of friendship! That is awesome! I love that photo of you two back in the day. What cherished memories. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. How wonderful that your friendship has withstood the test of time. Even more wonderful that you are able to travel together and make yet more memories. I have a friend that I worked with in the UK in 1965, we are still in touch, though I have only seen her twice in the years in between. I named my daughter after her. ♥

  18. You and your friend look so adorable back in 1963! And have such class in 2013! How nice you got to be together on such a special trip after all these years!


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