Thursday, May 9, 2013

Construction zone..................

Remember my kitchen window box planted up a few weeks back?  
Well, I took the above pic yesterday afternoon after a quick feeding following several days of rain - I spray lightly with Miracle-Gro mixed with water and then add the remainder of the bottle to the soil. The plants are growing well, and now we're promised a few warmer days with bountiful sunshine, so they will be doing even better.


..............late yesterday afternoon, and continuing well into dusk, a tiny, very diligent crew of two Carolina wrens commenced construction right here in the window box. See the brown 'building' in the center, tucked between the mint and pentas......that's where our resident wren family are building their nest. This has become an annual affair so we think it's the same family, and hopefully we'll be enjoying new baby wrens - my favorite little busy, chirpy garden birds - again. They are the cleanest little birds and we love having them choose our house to locate their own. This will of course mean no spraying fertilizer or heavy watering, especially with the garden hose, for a while!

This said, and a happy story, I will also update you on the chickadees on the front porch as some of you are asking about them. It's been too sad to write about until now. One night last week, around 4 AM, we heard a crash on the porch and rushed outside. A terracotta pot from the potting bench was in shards on the concrete, and next to it the little birdhouse. Two tiny featherless birdies were floundering about on the ground so I quickly picked them up and popped them back through the entrance hole, not knowing what else to do. Then a parent flew out, fluttering through my hair and off into the garden. We know a predator must have jumped up, knocked the birdhouse over which fell on the pot causing both to tumble about three feet to the ground, but was probably scared off immediately by the crash. We believe it was likely one of the neighborhood feral cats because we've seen it sleeping on our wicker chairs at night. Following morning I did see a parent come to the birdhouse a few times with bugs - I don't know if any chicks actually survived - or how many were in there as there's no way to see inside. Nothing has happened for almost a week now so I'm praying there were little babies that survived and actually fledged..............when I wasn't looking!

On a brighter note, my Peace roses are blooming today, click to enlarge, they are so pretty......and the wrens are back building busily since 6:30 this morning. Washing dishes is fun - seeing them come and go with beaks full of grass, dried oak leaves, catkins etc., then stuffing and weaving such a tiny, soft and cozy home.

This morning I woke very early and opened the window to listen to the dawn chorus. I'm such a softie when it comes to garden birds. Always on the lookout for the perfect feeders (and chasing off the dastardly squirrels), spending a small fortune on seed, filling the bird baths with fresh water, all for the beautiful singing birds. 
Are you like this too? 


  1. I hope those tiny, featherless birds survived!
    We hung our moss planters on Sunday and by Monday a nest had been started in the one closest to the front door - we'll be coming in through the garage for the next couple of weeks!
    As I walked the dog in the early hours of this morning I made mental notes - one of them 'fill the bird bath'.

  2. I hope too that the little babies flew the nest....

    Your roses are beautiful!

  3. How fun to be able to watch the little wrens set up housekeeping as you wash your dishes. As a fellow bird enthusiast, this would thrill me to no end.
    As for the activity on your front porch, heartbreaking is the word that comes to mind. Although with your tender loving care, I am hoping for a good outcome. We had a similar situation with a bluebird family last year. My husband carefully put the displaced babies back in the home. Only one survived, but we were happy with that outcome. It often amazes me that any of these sweet families make it will all of the various predators lying in wait.
    Your roses are gorgeous! I love how healthy everything looks right about now in NC. We know it won't be too much longer before we will do battle with scorching heat and dreadful humidity. I was so excited to see your rose in bloom that I made a beeline for my one and only "Double Delight" rose. It is filled with blooms, but no roses yet. Can't wait.
    Don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE your garden posts. I've got my moonflowers and morning glories started up the fishing line. I learned this idea from you last year and love it.
    Happy Gardening and Birdwatching too.

  4. Good Afternoon Mary, Oh, I do hope the babies survived and flew the nest. How wonderful that you are able to watch the little wrens build their nest and to enjoy watching the eggs hatch and the babies to grow. I am wondering if they are the same as the Jenny Wrens which we have over here. They are beautiful little birds.
    I love listening to the black birds singing in the restful.
    I adore your roses and I have just bought another couple of David Austin absolute favourites, they only have a few leaves at the moment, and I cannot wait until they start flowering.
    Enjoy your "Wren watching".
    Best Wishes

  5. If was a little bird, I'm pretty sure I would have chosen your home to make own... You're a caring, loving woman and it shows through everything you do my dear. Love you! - Can't wait to see you this afternoon! Vanessa

  6. Thank you for taking great care of the birds. I do so hope the chickadees survived and the wren nest under construction is a wonderful thing. Wish I were there to watch! Enjoy! I have a bird house (an old one I can't open) that bluebirds keep entering, but the tree swallows keep dive bombing them. I do hope the bluebirds will be able to raise a family there.
    Farm Gal in VA

  7. How sweet that the wrens are building right outside your kitchen window! They will definitely be fun to watch. I'm so sorry about the chickadees though. I wonder if they survived. Bad cat! Your roses are stunning. It must look so nice in your gardens now. We had much needed heavy rain here this afternoon and lots of clouds right now. I just need to get through 3 more days of it. Hugs, Pamela

  8. I'm so sorry about the chickadees, but happy about the wrens building their home with you. They must like and trust you! That's a good thing.

  9. Your delightful window box makes the perfect home. I really hope the chickadees are okay.
    I adore Peace roses, they remind me of my Nan - she had a bed full of them. Did you know how they got their name? Read here for the story
    Lots of love
    Rose x

  10. Oh what a sad story of the birds on your porch. I do hope they survived and flew away.
    Your peace rose is gorgeous, one of my all time favorite roses.
    I love that the birds are now nesting in your window box. What a perfect view.
    My live-in gardener fills the bird feeders daily and I enjoy the view from my office window.

  11. How sweet that those little birds have found your box. Your roses are gorgeous. Such a treat to see these blooms.


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