Monday, May 13, 2013

The ups and downs of gardening............

Here's my gardener, (actually it's just hubby pretending to be the gardener), finishing up a long session of monster grass mowing, trimming and blowing recently. We let the grass go a bit and, while away up north for a weekend, it rained, and rained, and rained some more.......and when we returned we had no lawn, just something resembling a field.

"The green, green grass of home". Tall, still damp, and felt so good when I kicked off my sandals and tippy-toed barefoot!

BUT, what a job to cut, it almost killed the mower...and 'the gardener'. In fact he did something he's never done before, first whacked it down with the string trimmer because it was seriously clogging up our almost new and expensive mower.

I really like this clematis Niobe - it has been growing up the mailbox for several years and I think it's having its best season ever. It's cut back almost to the ground over Winter. The roots are enjoying cool shade, a must for clematis, from the small (but growing rapidly) conifer.

This mix of clematis grows up the birdhouse, twining together like old friends on a day out in the sunshine.

 Yes, I think this is a very good year for clematis. The weather conditions seem perfect this Spring. Blooms are many, healthy, and colorful.......and you have to admit they add a lot of climbing beauty to the garden.

Do you grown clematis in your gardens?


  1. Grass is lovely as long as it is kept under control. One blink and it's too high again! Your clematis against your post box is beautiful, such an outstanding colour. We grow clematis and have a great evergreen one that flowers in the spring, beautiful. Hope your hubby has recovered! Chel x

  2. With all the rain we've had this spring, the grass is growing by leaps and bounds. I know your gardener had a big job to do!
    Of course all this rain has also been wonderful for the flowers. Your clematis are all so pretty. I think the color you chose to put by your mailbox is perfect. I have one (purple) clematis growing up my mailbox post too. It has put on quite a show. I featured it in a recent post. I'll be glad for those photos once it stops blooming.
    Have a wonderful week, Mary.

  3. Beautiful photos of your clematis and front garden, Mary. Your grass sure did get long while you were away! Murray mowed last Wednesday (just the front yard) and after the weekend's rains it definitely needs it again as well as the rest of the lawn. I have a clematis jackmanii which is just starting to grow. I was a bit concerned that it might have died but I noticed buds on it on Friday. I cut it back every fall to about 18 inches then it grows up and over the trellis and fills with dozens of blooms. We've had it for 33 years I think and it was moved to it's current spot over 12 years ago. I would love to find a spot to grow another colour of clematis like the rosy or pink one. Enjoy your day! Pamela

  4. Your clematis are lovely - I do have several but would not say that I am tremendously good with them.
    Our grass is fabulous this year, a perfect emerald green, compensations may be for such a long long the winter.

  5. I have a clematis growing in front of the porch. We've been struggling with a clogged mower, too. Spring is always the hardest on our mower because the grass grows so quickly and some of the less level parts of our lawn get a lot of water. Boy does that grass get long fast! Don has been scrambling to keep our almost 2 acres mowed and under control.


  6. I love clematis, especially when it is climbing with a climbing rose. I have seen any in our garden this year. Now I must go looking.

  7. Your clematis is beautiful Mary. I have grown it in the past at a previous home, but I am not now. I think I would love to have some by my mailbox though!

  8. Good Afternoon Mary, I love clematis and yours are beautiful. I do grow quite a few in my garden. I have shoots and a couple of buds forming, so I am very excited to see the flowers.
    I love lawns and I love the smell of newly cut grass. When it rains, the grass really takes on a spurt and of course it is then hard to cut the grass, because the ground is too wet. We are having a similar problem at the moment, we are waiting for some dry weather to be able to get our grass in order.
    Best Wishes

  9. My clematis never flourished, so I pulled it out and threw it away. Now I'm thinking I need another one to plant someplace else. Yours are just lovely.
    A neighbour has a lush clematis trailing all along his back fence which I can see from my kitchen window. It's gorgeous.
    Grass grows fastest in the spring, it seems. Like weeds. But it smells so wonderful when freshly cut.

  10. A happy Monday to you, Mary! Your clematis are so pretty. I've never tried growing them, but sure to love their look. Amazing about that lawn . . .

  11. Mary your clematis are wonderful. I have 3 in the garden and one in particular has never really been that happy although the roots are shaded. I've been ignoring it hoping it'll settle in but he is still sulking 3 years later!

    Thank you so much for popping over and joining in our Cake Stand Giveaway, isn't it gorgeous!

    Wishing you a very happy week.


  12. Your collection of clematis is lovely! I've never had much luck here - perhaps it is too dry in the summer, or perhaps it's just that I've never found the right spot. I'd like to try again!

  13. Mary, I just moved to a new house in Kansas and the grass in the backyard was crazy tall. So much that I hired someone to cut it since its just me. It was almost as tall as my dog! I so love clematis but haven't had much luck growing it. I'm gardening this weekend and I'm hoping to plant some flowers. We'll see how that works out!

  14. Absolutely amazing!!! Your Clematis are beautiful~

  15. Your clematis are beautiful Mary. I have three (still) to plant, 2 x montana's and one deep scarlet -I cannot remember the names, and it's raining too hard to go and look!
    Lots of love
    Rose H


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