Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where will you celebrate?

Photo taken from my sightseeing flight over Mt. Lassen National Park and Lake Almanor - August 2011.

We'll be flying here to visit beautiful Lake Almanor to celebrate the Fourth of July. The following day we'll also be celebrating Bob's birthday. Then we head to Portland, Oregon specifically to visit a wonderful longtime blog friend.......I am so excited! Don't you love meeting up with friends you've corresponded with online via your blog? Guess these delightful meetings constitute modern day 'pen pal' friendships. Hope to be sharing our meeting with you later. From there we'll continue north to Washington State for a quick visit with dear friends in Bellingham, then fly home from Seattle.

"There's no place like home" - is there?
My garden last Summer.

Wherever you are celebrating on Independence Day, have a wonderful holiday. If you are not American-born, but a naturalized citizen, be thankful for the great honor of living in this country after arriving the correct way, and going through the earned process to gain citizenship - as I did. Please pray for America's future - she definitely needs our prayers at this time in history.

New Boston, New Hampshire - 4th of July 2010
One of the best 'old timey' Independence Day parades.


  1. Well, I guess California and Oregon are just around the corner after your abroad trips....Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to your husband.

  2. Well Mary - you're getting closer! I wish you a wonderful Fourth of July celebration with your friends - of long time and blogging connection!

  3. I will be spending it at Fort Leavenworth, where I am stationed and which is the oldest Army post currently in existence. There is a big celebration that day and i am looking forward to it especially because all of my family will be in NC. Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous 4th of July! Have fun meeting your bloggy friend! :)

  4. I hope you and Bob have a wonderful time on the west coast for the holiday, and Bob's birthday. I'll be on the west coast of Canada later this month. Enjoy! Hugs, Pamela

  5. Have a wonderful trip and visit with your friends, Mary! And a Happy 4th to you and Bob, as well as a Happy Birthday! Today is Al's birthday!


  6. And thank you so much for gaining citizenship the right way - in accordance with the law! I am very dismayed over the recent moves to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants. Ah, there are am on my soapbox, LOL. This is a great country with a colorful heritage. I pray that it will survive the current times. Best wishes for a lovely holiday adventure.

  7. We will be home for the 4th anticipating a visit from my blogging penpal, Mary. Can't wait to sit in the garden with a cup of tea. Happy 4th and Birthday to Bob. The lake looks like the perfect place to celebrate.

  8. Safe travels to you and Bob. Have a wonderful time, Mary. Happy Birthday to Bob and a Happy 4th to all of you........Sarah

  9. Give Bob a birthday hug from me! Have a wonderful trip Mary. We will be celebrating at home. It looks like rain through :-(.

  10. Happy Birthday to Bob!!! Love the butterfly shot. So pretty.
    Kudos to you for mentioning entering this country the "right way" it seems today that political correctness is overshadowing the rules. I'll be marching in a parade tomorrow behind a trailer/float filled with beach balls to hand out. Fun!!

  11. Hello Mary, We too have have very had rain here. We have been camping with our children and grands and it rained on us then too. Our grands are still here for the week and the 4th celebrations in town have been cancelled until Sat. We are still having fun but the rain is a real downer.

    I see you are still traveling. Have a wonderful time with your friends in CA.

    I have missed you,
    Happy fourth of July.
    Love, Jeanne

  12. Happy Fourth of July to you, too. And, thank you for loving this great country and becoming a citizen. That is the foundation which the USA is based. Like you, I pray for the United States of America and agree: she needs prayer desperately at this time in history. I'm often heartbroken and bereft at what I see and read and can only hope and pray...


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