Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teatime, sunshine, and visiting friends........

My favorite spot at teatime, or any time.

Setting the table for tea as the 
sun streamed in at the end of
a lazy afternoon last week.

Having a friend stop by for tea is 
always a pleasure.

Baking something special for tea - 
a yummy Apple Prune and Brandy 
rustic cake - is enjoyable.

Let me know when you're coming to town. 
The kettle will be on the boil - 
and tea will be served.

This weekend we're heading south, just a wee bit more 
south than where we are! Waiting there will be my 
dear friend Vanessa, and her family, who recently 
moved. We miss them all so much and have to go see 
their new home, catch up on the latest news,
eat and drink together.......and go treasure 
hunting of course!


  1. What a lovely setting - you would fine me there all the time :-)

  2. You have thought of everything when it comes to teatime. That cake looks delicious!
    Enjoy your weekend visit with Vanessa. Hope you find lots of treasures.

  3. What a lovely place to have tea Mary. Enjoy your time with Vanessa! I am looking forward to the end of the month.

  4. Oh! I just can't wait until we are together again! We are so excited about having you and dear Bob over for our brunch on Saturday! Looking forward to it!! Much, much love ~ Vanessa

  5. Get your kettle on I'm on my way :-)
    Have a lovely weekend and can't wait to read what treasures you find.
    Annie x

  6. A lovely spot for tea and a yummy looking cake too. I love the cooler temperatures we have been having. Sitting in your gazebo would be a delight.

  7. A very lovely tea setting - and the cake looks great. Enjoy your trip and visit with your friend.

  8. Oh Mary, your teatime in the gazebo sounds and looks just perfect. The cake is the sort of cake I would love with tea. Have a delightful weekend visiting dear friends and seeing their new home.

  9. Now where's my plane tickets! What a lovely place to sit, drink tea and eat your delicious cake. Have a wonderful trip xx

  10. What a lovely setting for tea. I wish I could do things like that but I have not been domesticated.

  11. That's a very attractive gazebo you have. Still loving all your photography.
    I hope you have a safe happy trip.

  12. Hi Mary! Having trouble getting mail to you...explorer won't let me retrieve your addy.

    Am so loving rereading thru all of your travels!! We are sailors and most of our exploring is done on our sailboat; hence, my curiosity with what kind of ship you travel on!! Thanks for any info..

  13. Now THAT's the way to spend a summer afternoon!

  14. I'd love to stop by for tea with you. Your table looks very welcoming for your guests.

    We're just back from our trip and I'm catching up with laundry and grocery shopping. And the garden - so many things to take care of. But I'm not stressed about it - little by little.

    Hope you enjoyed your visit south!

  15. Immaculate, is all I'm going to say about that. :) Very nice. Bits and pieces of pastry and drink adding onto sumptuous memory. I wish I could build my memories like this, and have an infrastructure to lay it all out on. For now, I'm just going to bask in all these pictures, and just take to the immeasurable appeal of teas. Flavors for every occassion!


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