Monday, September 2, 2013

Asheville treasure trove...........Part I

Here are some of the 'treasures' I discovered while having a quick peek spending several hours in Asheville's antiques and vintage venues! Two of my favorite places are ScreenDoor and Antique Tobacco Barn......all these items were at one or the other place. Thank you DH for your patience......he usually managed to find a comfy vintage chair to rest in and read his paper while waiting!

I'm really loving anything 'heavenly' these days.....religious relics and angel wings were prevalent.

My hydrangeas have not dried pretty shades of blue and 
green this year. The terribly wet Summer, and now torrid 
heat and humidity, have turned most of them ugly brown.
These were pretty but later I'll show you the beauties 
I brought home with me.

Simple birdie houses are always the sweetest, don't you agree?

Yes, I do travel a lot.........but do I really need a 
vintage trunk like this? No, don't think so...........left 
it here for someone else to take home.

 Always looking for the perfect large mirror but need 
one taller than this.

 Now these might just be original Tolix French cafe chairs 
and IF, only if, I hadn't already purchased my knock-offs 
(but very nice ones) for the kitchen, I might have rented 
a U-Haul to get these beauties back to Raleigh. 
There were two sets of four waiting for some lucky person 
to take them home. These were offered at the Antique Tobacco 
Barn in Asheville this past week if you're interested!

This French crate contained interesting French blue glass
 'soda bottles'. Each individual bottle was SO heavy, the 
glass being extremely thick. I doubt they were used for 
drinking soda, but the color was beautiful. 

And, if like me, you pass on fizzy soda and prefer to quench 
your thirst with something a little stronger...... about these magnificent large French wine bottles!
At $95 each, and empty, I had to leave them behind too! 

Since visiting Asian countries recently, I've grown 
to admire some of their furniture, such as this piece 
with numerous little drawers and of course beautiful writing.

Although not antique or even vintage, I loved this set 
of tiny wood blocks. A bit pricey - I would have brought 
them home otherwise.

Yes, the mountains call often and this year I've certainly 
seen many in some special places on the planet.

In part II of Asheville antiquing I will show you what 
I brought home.  
Meanwhile gotta spread my wings and fly right's Labor Day and I have to start cooking! 
Hope you are having a great holiday.......or at least a good day if you're in another country.


  1. Dearest Mary

    I just love it when you do these antique shop posts!
    Shops here are averse to cameras - I ask politely of course but the answer is usually negative...
    but when they're not looking I quickly click away - naughty I know.

    I have the perfect place for that mirror - it's just what I'm looking for...sigh!
    Love the old greyish angel wings - they would have come home with me too!

    I'll be back to see what YOU couldn't resist!

    Hugs for a happy week
    much love
    Shane x

  2. I'd have had a hard time leaving that place without a U-Haul truck! What fun you must have had, Mary!

  3. I love visiting the antique shops even if vicariously with you. Always love having a few bird houses around and blue bottles. The Chinese cabinet would be the perfect tea cabinet, don't you think? The trunk would be so much fun and chairs too. Fun to Ohhhh and Ahhhhhhhh anyway. Happy dreaming and cooking. We are making middle eastern today, so have the tabouli with fresh tomatoes from the garden made, hummus ready, eggplant awaiting. Hugs!

  4. What a fun place to visit. Lots of nooks and crannies to poke into. Those blue glass French soda bottles caught my eye. So pretty.

    Hope your meal was delicious!

  5. That was a fun tour of the Asheville shops. I loved the wings.

  6. You know how I love to browse the antiques shops with you, this was a delightful trip full of gorgeous things to make me swoon.
    Love the Tollix chairs!!

  7. Lots of lovely things. I do love to browse in places like that. Went to an antique shop in Las Vegas NM that was filled to the brim but didn't buy anything. Didn't want to be toting anything back to way over here. :/ Hope you are having a good week. Tammy

  8. I can see why these are your favorites. Such great items. I would have spent my entire paycheck there. I simply must have those angel wings!


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