Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blues from the Blue Ridge..................

I found this gorgeous bunch of dried hydrangeas in Asheville at the ScreenDoor. Due to terrible weather here much of the Summer, my own blooms, although brilliant blue all Spring, dried to a dead looking rusty brown............these are so much prettier.


  1. They are really beautiful Mary, such a pretty colour

  2. A lovely bouquet and photo, Mary. My Endless Blue only produced 3 or 4 blooms in this, it's second year. I cut the best one yesterday as it was inside the leaves and protected. I hope it dries nicely. Enjoy the day!

  3. Pretty indeed! I need to go buy some blue hydrangeas and let them dry. ;-)

  4. These are beauties, Mary. I had the same experience with my hydrangea blooms this year that you did.

    Your trip to Asheville looks like it must have been perfect.

  5. I adore dried hydrangeas in any color. These are truly gorgeous!

  6. Such a beautiful blue - I'm envious!
    I've got white and blue hydrangeas but they both seem to dry to a soft greenish/brownish cream.
    I want blue too!!!

    A pretty vignette Mary and I would love that old paper border you've used!!

    Hugs for a happy weekend in your neck of the woods!
    Shane xox

  7. They look really pretty in that basket. ☺

  8. Hydrangeas are my favorite. Your display is lovely and that sconce is too die for!

  9. They are a beautiful blue. Mine are oddly colored this year, too. Some will make it for drying, but most are faded and pale brown.

  10. I just love your blue hydrangeas.
    I haven't even looked at mine the past week to see what they are doing.
    Must run now and look.


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