Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photo Challenge - Windows and Doors

is inspiring us to join in the fun over at her monthly 
Personal Photo Challenge blog where she also shares 
great photography tips.
So here we go showing shots of windows and doors 
this month.....a lot of fun 
as who doesn't enjoy them 
and wonder what's going on behind them

All photos can be enlarged with a click!

My brother and family live in a French village. 
This is not their village boulangerie, it's another 
one thought had a lovely sign (Bread of Love) over the 
door, and of course typical South of France shuttered windows.

Photo taken in France - October, 2008
Camera: Old Canon Point and Shoot.....given to the little 
girl next door to kick start an interest in photography!

Buenos Aires, Argentina (known as the 'Paris of the South') 
Quick stop on the journey south to Ushuaia to board the 
ship for Antarctica.
Above, a beautiful door/window in town,
the colors of paint on every surface are just 
magnificent and make a great natural 'frame'.

Camera: Canon EOS7D - Tamron 18-270 lens.
January 2013


Of course this scene below couldn't be anywhere but 
Venice, Italy.

I have many colorful images of both windows and doors along 
the major canals from my visit last Autumn. This one I 
love because it's away from the hustle and bustle of the 
big tourist crowds. Most canal images have watercraft
causing ripples and waves, but this small backwater in the 
early morning, allowed a beautiful reflection of the 
windows and doors. I like the washing drying on the line 
and the fat pigeon on the wall, giving the image a touch of 
ordinary life away from the main tourist sights.

Camera: Canon EOS7D - Tamron 18-270 lens.
October 2012

Cabinet 'windows' - a little rehab done a few years back 
to brighten the old cottage kitchen. 
Reflection in the glass is of my kitchen 
window over the sink where I spend a lot of 
domestic goddess hours! The doorway into the 
dining room also visible.

Camera: Olympus SP-590UZ 
Taken recently - PicMonkey used for fun!

Here again is the kitchen window - screened 
of course to keep mosquitoes at bay!
Outside I have a window box, with assorted 
plants depending on the season. 
 In Summer I try to keep the box going despite the 
humidity and direct broiling afternoon sun.
This Summer was a lousy one, I'm ashamed to show the pics, 
so this is last year when it was so lush and pretty. 
I love looking out this window at Nature year round.

Camera: Olympus SO-590UZ 
Summer 2012

Hope you stop here at Donna's blog and take and take 
a look at this month's photo entries - you can even join in, 
the more the merrier.

A special note: Donna's dear husband Jim, a professional photographer, has just undergone surgery for cancer. Please remember Jim and Donna in your prayers and thoughts. Send him best wishes for a quick recovery to bring him home to Donna so they can soon be off traveling again, enjoying life, and sharing their always amazing photos with us.


  1. All of the are amazing. I think my favorite is the one from Italy but it's hard to choose. Good thing you did by giving the old camera to your neighbor. She will always remember that.

  2. I love all of your window and door pictures, but my favorite is the one in Venice. I have some similar shots from when I was there.

  3. Beautiful Mary. You have a great eye for composition.
    I will go over now and wish her well.
    You're a sweetheart.

  4. There's nothing like older architecture for doors and windows. I'm really drawn to the yellow door with the elegant grate across the front.

  5. those photos are amazing especially the one with the clothesline crossing the canal.

  6. Hi Mary,

    As usual your photographs are stunning -you have a wonderful eye for color and composition - the photo of the laundry is amazing and my favorite.
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us.
    I am off to look at the other photos.

  7. If you had not mentioned the pigeon, I never would have found him. My eye is on the water and that gorgeous reflection. Wasn't this summer one that wasn't? Ugh. I know exactly what you mean. I have enjoyed seeing all of these lovely photos and the one that I'll remember longest is that yellow building reflected in the water.

  8. Oh Mary... I knew before I came in here that I was going to be treated to something special from your amazing travels. I just love every single one of these. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the canal in Venice. Italy is #1 on my bucket list!

  9. Everything is fabulous - such brilliant colors - love the kitchen window too!!!

  10. Your window shots are beautiful, as always, and so varied. Yet all over the world, windows and doors of all sorts are to be found. Love that Venice shot with the reflection in the canal.

  11. I love your windows and doors! So beautiful.

    I must take more. I was particularly captured by the carved wooden windows of the Dogoon tribe in Mali. They were the best in the world.

    Sft x

  12. I was looking forward to your photos! I love the first couple....looking up! I'm always looking up no matter where I go! Beautiful photos my friend! Sweet hugs!

  13. Beautiful stunning photos.........your are great with a camera! Thanks.

  14. Love your photos, especially the one in Venice. I am always drawn to the laundry hanging outside when I travel. Prayers for Jim.

  15. I love your photos Mary. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
    Traveling widens our experience so much doesn't it.
    I would have loved to have access to my photos I took in Ireland,
    where the doors are always the focal point
    and the houses almost similar in color and design sometimes.

    I enjoyed the photos of pumpkins.
    For some reason pumpkins are so much more utilitarian over here than in the States
    where they are for decorating or pumpkin pies almost exclusively (it seemed to me).
    It was a regular vegetable on our plate as a child for dinner most nights.

  16. Thanks for introducing me to the challenge Mary. It's good to think about what you're doing and having someone else's eye on it to give feedback. My particular favourite here is your photo in Argentina. The colours really zing! So vivid. Love it. Food next month :-)
    Much love

  17. I'll have to watch for this challenge - I have always loved windows, doors and gates. Your shot from Buenos Aires is beautiful!

  18. The quaint European windows are quite marvelous! Beautiful textures, designs, and colors. The burst of colors you have in the first three photos is stunning! And the windows around your cottage are all the more interesting with the reflections. Window reflections are tricky things, but you managed quite well and using them to your advantage. Take a bow on this challenge because you did splendidly!

  19. You have chosen some very beautiful windows and doors Mary. I really like the yellow door in the middle of the wall and the canal photo is beautiful too. Thanks for sharing some beauties from your travels and at home. Hugs. Pamela

  20. Love your photos for the 'windows and doors' challenge Mary.
    The one of Venice is wonderful.
    Poor Jim and Donna - I'll keep them in my prayers too.

    We've got friends staying who missed their overseas flight this morning..... so they are back with us until tomorrow night... plus I've got our embroidery group here tomorrow!!!
    Life's never dull.
    I've just managed to post my windows and doors!!!
    Shane x

  21. I love the colors in the first 3 of your wonderful shots. Enjoy your day!

  22. I love the blue of the windows in your top photo, and the one of the canal is amazing, What rich color. It looks like a painting. Plenty of windows and doors to see but of course the clothes on the line catch my eye the most. Have you framed this? !!! I realize now we live in the same state and I used to read your blog years ago when it had another title, and I was just beginning to blog. Nice to "see" you again.

  23. Oh my goodness. I am so glad that I popped in this morning and was treated to your international windows and doors! Your photographs are stunning! From the charm of "Le Pain d"Amour" to the vivid colors of the Argentine scene to your very own window box, I enjoyed the tour. I am especially taken with the photo shot in Venice. It's a feast for the eyes, with all the reflections and color and depth. Gorgeous!


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