Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge - Food

FOOD, beautiful food...............can't live without it.
Taking photos of it is an art, and I've yet to master it.
I know getting great foodie pics requires the right lighting, 
a tripod, and perhaps perching on ladders etc.
Meanwhile, until I have time to master all that, I'm just 
flying by the seat of my pants - I'm not a food 'stylist' 
in any way, shape or form.  
What you see here are a few things I rustled up, and managed 
to get pictures of before gobbling them upin my little 
cottage kitchen.

All these images were captured with my trusty Olympus SP-590UZ and probably on the Cuisine Scene setting.
A little PicMonkey editing added of course.

I still love to prepare English recipes, dessert crumbles 
being a favorite. I enjoy many fruits cooked, especially 
for cool evenings when a warm dessert is a treat. 
This was a blackberry and apple crumble..........with what 
I like to think/hope is a healthy topping of steel 
cut oats, Demerara sugar and few chopped nuts........

............served for dessert with a dollop of plain 
Greek yogurt taking the place of cream.

No meat preparation in my kitchen - have been 
vegetarian (well a non-meat eater - do enjoy fish and dairy) 
for over 35 years.  
My baked stuffed red peppers, made on the run, used 
up some already cooked lentils, black rice and quinoa, 
I added chopped herbs, grated fresh Asiago cheese, 
and a drizzle of olive oil. 

Now when it comes to baking, I love getting my hands into flour.
Favorites from my oven include whipping up a few scones. 
I love mixing, baking and of course eating scones!
These above are strawberry for teatime, but I also 
love to make savory scones, especially a wholewheat 
cheese version to serve with a salad or a nice 
bowl of steaming veggie soup.

Linking today to Donna's always fun monthly 

As I'm in the air 'crossing the pond' and heading 
back home from Europe today - 
I've asked Donna to link my post for the challenge 
so hope you can see it.

Do join in by showing us your food photos, 
or just stop by to enjoy the photos of the participants.  
Everyone works hard on this challenge and we do 
get some really great pics to admire, plus amazing 
photography tips thanks to Donna.


  1. I got you linked up, Miz Mary! Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this in advance, and I hope that you have a safe journey back across the "pond" today!

    I love the overhead perspective you give on several of these shots. It is a great way to tell your food story. I know that some food photographers use very low tables or even the floor for doing their downward view setups. I've used a low-sitting chair a time or two! So there are ways to avoid climbing on ladders, LOL. I really like your first shot - how brilliant to include the recipe sheet in the frame and even a pair of glasses! It's classic storytelling with a composition. And of course, the final results of your cooking look quite inviting. If you hear a knock on your door tomorrow, it's me coming for tea time, dinner, and evening dessert!

  2. Your dishes look so appetizing, I can almost taste those strawberry scones! Happy landings.

  3. Hello dear "very well prepared" Mary!!!
    All your photos are wonderful - my favorite is the first one of the blackberries and shining apples - delicious!
    On second thoughts I really love the crumble and the red peppers too - I've mentally added the required items to my supermarket list so I can make them.
    I'm sure THAT is what food photography is about - entice the reader to try the recipe! You're a star!
    much love and hugs
    I'm wondering if your feet are back on US soil yet?

  4. oh these looks so good. The second one though really catches my eye. I also like the collage at the end. Very nice.

  5. Your food entries all look appealing; the presentation is lovely.

  6. Beautiful food photos! The scones look so nice with a cup of tea and the crumble looks delicious. I hope you get home safely. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Welcome Home!
    Your photography is just wonderful.
    Oh how I would love that crumble or a scone with my tea tomorrow morning.
    Take care and rest from your travels.
    xoxo Marilyn

  8. Fabulous composition - now I'm hungry - and it is almost bedtime. :-)

  9. I love all things English! Your photos are Lovely...I tried to pick a favorite but just Can'T!Hahaa...
    Well done!!

  10. Wonderful shots, Mary. I love the idea of a blackberry apple crumble. I hope you're recovering well from jet lag and settling back into life at home after your special trip.


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