Monday, February 3, 2014

Get moving.....................

Yesterday I managed to incorporate a pleasant 30 minute walk into a visit to Home Depot - yeah, looking at paint again - also shopping at nearby SuzAnna's Antiques and chatting with granddaughter Jasmin while she was working there. Did I buy something? You know the answer - will share later. Then, a quick grocery stop for fresh salad greens on the way home.
Not a bad couple of Sunday hours, especially as it was 65F with plenty of sunshine. Good feeling wearing cropped leggings - love air around my ankles - and my sleeveless safari vest over just a long-sleeved tee shirt, good after heavy Winter layers for so long.

This new area I chose for my walk looks almost scenic - pics taken with iPhone as I forgot my camera! Actually it's a piece of land once a golf course, now a large part of it has been built on by a huge car dealership - this pond area is really the only attractive part remaining. 

Bulrushes were attractive reflected in the water along with 
some bare Winter trees as the sun went down.

I'm planning to walk more now that spring is not too far off here in the southeast. I'm also eating more sensibly - this week is going to be a hard one as I kickstart my eating plan - just fresh fruits, green salads and nutritious homemade vegetable soups. I LOVE bread, cheese, and usually a sweet cookie with my afternoon cup of tea, all are off the menu for the entire week. Nobody can lose weight for you. No crash diets are worth the trouble and stress - you gain all those quick lost pounds right back. YOU have to want to lose weight or get back in shape after the winter/holiday season. All doable with sensible portions of healthy foods, and a good exercise program, which for someone my age is walking.....and then walking some more. No gym memberships required.

Do you have a plan for welcoming the Spring feeling 
good about your physical self? 
Don't you agree that when your body feels good your 
mind does too?


  1. Lovely pics and such a charming blog.
    Blessings :-)

  2. Hi there! It's walking (fast) for me ... three miles at least five days a week! Good job, you!

  3. Yes, I do agree the mind feels good when the body feels good.
    Not function because of that today, as I am fighting a sore throat and tiredness.
    Oh your photos remind me of some I took a week ago. I just love the natural
    colors. How I wish I could walk with bare ankles, but we even had a touch of
    snow today. Brrr! Still the flowers are coming, I can see the signs.
    Enjoy your warm weather and bare ankles!

  4. Yes, we are walking more when the when the weather is not so cold and trying to eat healthier smaller portions. Less food...more exercise. The only real way to lose weight and keep it off. No diet, but a lifestyle adjustment.

  5. How lovely dear... wish I could go on walks with you, chatting about decor while exercising... wouldn't it be great? :) Luckily this year I manage to maintain my weight during the cold season. But got a serious back injury that put me in bed for over 2 weeks starting right on my birthday. :( I'm finally getting back to my exercise routine... Perhaps next time I see you I'll bring a pair of sneakers and we'll take a walk and see beautiful sceneries... xoxo Vanessa

  6. Your pictures are beautiful...It would be heavenly to spend time here. I'm so glad you are having good weather as well.

    I'm working very hard on losing some weight before summer. Your way of eating and walking for exercise sounds wonderful in staying healthy and maintaining a good weight. I, however, have so much to lose for health purposes...I have gone on a very disciplined diet approved by my doctor, that has me eating certain foods and eliminating others until I lose those unhealthy pounds. Once I do, I'm hopeful I can indulge in a little of everything!!

    All my best.


    1. My dear Jane, I know you can do it - nothing comes easy in the getting in shape game it takes a lot of willpower, BUT it does pay off and you will feel so much better. You, an already very beautiful woman, will glow! Good Luck dearest - I'll be thinking of you every day.
      Love, Mary

  7. I'm trying to walk more these days, too, although we are in for the coldest week of our winter so far. Which isn't very cold by some standards, but still, temps around freezing with a chilly breeze. Brrrr. I was glad for my hat and fleece gloves today.
    What a beautiful walk you took.

  8. Dear Mary, My plan is your plan. Could not have said it better. It works for me. The hardest part is going back to a sensible diet after all the holiday revelry.. The easy part is the daily walk.

  9. I have been impatiently waiting for some warmer weather so that we can walk the villa circle.


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