Thursday, February 13, 2014

I dislike peanut butter, but……………

……………apparently birds and squirrels love it!

We are snowed in. We are iced down. Four inches of snow smothered us in four hours yesterday afternoon, then changed to freezing rain and all hell broke lose on the highways and byways around here. It took our neighbors four hours to complete their usual 20-30 minute commute, included many detours, being pushed on occasion, then having to ditch their car at the end of our street, which starts with a slight hill, and walk the rest of the way home.

As I write, ice is building up - fear of power outages concern us.

Male Cardinal and a Brown Thrasher

Meanwhile, from the window I spied two new birds under 
the feeder - the pair of male Redwing Blackbirds, 
toddling about with a large group of always gentle 
Mourning Doves.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

One of my pair of 'live-in' Carolina Wrens

Female Eastern Towhee

The other Wren, I think!

One of at least a dozen grey squirrels living in our 
garden with their nests in our tall trees.
This morning they discovered the bird treats I'd mixed 
up and scattered on the front porch - 
crushed cookies and breadcrumbs with peanut butter 
and shelled sunflower seeds………I think 
this is one happy little varmint who is glad he 
ventured out of his cozy nest!!!

Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.


  1. Dear Mary, Have been wondering how you are getting along. Hope you don't end up with power outages. We get them quite often and it is so very inconvenient. I hope that you don't have to go out in this terrible ice storm. Better you stay put and stay cozy and warm.
    All of your photos today are extra special. I don't know which one I like best. They are all beautiful. ox, Gina

  2. We didn't get the ice, thank goodness! I love your redwing blackbirds. I haven't seen one of those in quite a while!

  3. It is always a pleasure to read your beautifully written and photographed blog! You are always so cheerful and articulate. I understand if you decide to quit blogging and all of the attendant tech hassles, but you'll be missed!! Keep warm and safe in this weather. Here in Chicagoland, we're warming up and did not get blasted like the east (this time!)

  4. Hi dear, we too got snowed in. It stopped snowing about an hour ago, everything is white... thou it's lovely to see I'm crossing my fingers for no school day tomorrow as rather stay home and warm than to venture myself on the streets. Snowy weather was not made for Brazilians I guess... :) Hope you all stay warm and cozy without any power outage. Love ~ Vanessa

  5. I cannot believe how crazy the weather is in North Carolina! And it is no better here in Kansas. Hope you are staying warm.


  6. Mar; I was really lucky. I got the last flight from San Diego to Atlanta and then the last flight to Cinncinnati from Atlanta. Today i got a flight out of Cinncinnati only because the plane had come in last night. So Monday night i flew to San Diego, Tuesday night to Atlanta/Cinncinnati and today Cinncinnati to San Fran - and i , very thankfully, made it without the ice problem. I was massively freezing at the airport in Cinncinnati waiting for the shuttle bus at midnight - the news said it was going to warm up (!!!0 to 30F. Hmmmmm - sometimes i actually like California@!

  7. What a difference a couple days make. Our snow is gone and it almost felt like Spring.
    I hope you are still with power, warm and toasty in your home, and staying safe enjoying all those birds.
    Oh how I love seeing each and every one of your beautiful birds. I think the cardinals are my favorites,
    but just love mourning doves too.
    Take care and Hugs, m

  8. They do look very happy with these special treats you've made for them. Lovely captures of these feathered friends.

  9. Hello Mary, sorry to read you've got snowed in, sincerely hope your power supply isn't cut.
    What sweet, sweet visitors you have in your garden - and so beautifully caught on camera :o)
    Birds and peanut butter eh? They LOVE it! I use the recipe ( from here - for Bark Butter, a great high energy feast for our feathered friends, I leave out the honey.
    Hope you are keeping well and warm. Sending {{Hugs}}
    Rose H

  10. Oh, so hope you don't lose power! Aww, what a sweetheart to give those little feathered friends some treats! Great shots! Stay warm and take care.

  11. The poor birds must be confused and hungry - how nice that they have the food supplied so they can survive. I love peanut butter - a little on a cracker is such a treat.

  12. I hope YOU are safe and warm, Mary! One thing is for sure, though - you are being entertained by the birds and squirrels!

  13. You are so tenderhearted to keep the little critters fed during such nasty weather. Glad that you are doing OK from the storm. Like your neighbors, I remember some awful commutes from downtown during winter storms. I always made sure that I went to the rest room before heading out because I didn't know how long I would be stuck in traffic!


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