Saturday, February 15, 2014

I've tried and tried ----------

------to get a photo showing the true color of my new paint. I gave up until this week's snow did something lovely, it reflected through our glass back door into the front entry, and this is just about the true color, Hale Navy.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  
These walls were already a dark charcoal so not a 
huge difference - just enough that I notice 
the subtle change and it works perfectly for me.

This area does not feel overly dark. There are two 
large mirrors on opposite walls which bounce the light 
around, plus the glass panel in the front door. Evenings, 
we light the small candelabrum with crystals to 
brighten the corner, and there is an overhead light.
Not sure I would paint an entire large room this dark,
however it seems to work in a small space - I love the warm 
feeling when I come through the door. Rooms leading off the 
hallway are painted off-white and are quite bright.
Don't be fearful when trying a new paint look. It's not 
that expensive and just remember it doesn't have to be 
permanent, you can always paint over it again!!!


  1. It looks elegant. I am glad that, after all the efforts to get it right, that you are enjoying it.

  2. Dear Mary, That is a sensational color. The perfect background for your beautiful sconce and bust. It takes courage to paint a wall a very dark color. But don't hey look fabulous when light and sun hits the corners.

  3. I like this navy color very much. We need to do something with our hall too – it still has the wallpaper from the 70s! maybe if we keep it, it will be considered an antique … I looked at your bird pictures – they are outstanding. I see many birds in my back yard but my pictures are just not good. I don’t know if it’s my camera, the window or the screen in front of the window. The other problem is that the bird feeder is close to the window and when I come to take a picture they fly away very quickly. Our second snow is all gone and tomorrow is supposed to be back to 57 F. It’s hard to believe I took snowy pictures just a couple of days ago (I placed them on my blog, but the post has not updated yet, almost a day late.)

  4. I love it Mary! I have always wanted to paint a little powder room a dark color. All of our houses have been so open, there is not a small place to paint such a lovely color.

  5. I love the colour, Mary. We looked at a house in town earlier this week, with a much smaller foyer than we have here and I wondered how I'd handle it. This certainly gives me an idea. The bust - is it on a little shelf, or is it trompe l'oeil? It all comes together brilliantly. Which paint company makes this colour?

    1. Good morning dear H - do I have the feeling you are considering a move?
      That is one of a pair of small wood shelves - on each side of the door - handmade by a local company and purchased years ago.
      The paint color is by Benjamin Moore but I had it matched and mixed at the Home Depot in Behr paint! Do you get those brands in Canada?
      Hope all is going well for you - know you have a lot on your plate these days!

  6. Oh Mary, it is quite beautiful! So warm and how I would love stepping into this small area being greeted by the wonderful color, mirrors, and light.
    You do decorating so well. How I could use your help, smiling! Trying to convince husband to change a color is like pulling teeth right now. You
    are right paint is an inexpensive way to change things up and freshen a room.
    xoxo m

  7. That's a lovely colour, Mary, and I'm glad you persevered with the photo taking so we could all enjoy it. It's elegant and I can imagine the warm feeling one would get walking into your home. Coziness wrapping around one.
    I just read your comment to H. Isn't it lovely that we can get paint colours mixed everywhere?

  8. I like it and I am a total paint color sissy!

  9. Mary, I love that color!! I just painted our Master Bedroom and dark gray on the bed wall and the other 3 walls are a silvery gray color.

  10. Extremely elegant. Love it. I yearn for dark colours but always end up painting bright ones, never quite sure why!

  11. Mary, this color is so regal. I love it! I could definitely live with this color in our home. Glad you persevered till you found the color you wanted.
    The wood bracket is gorgeous! I agree with Pondside, it looks as if it is trompe l'oeil.

  12. This colour and surroundings are very elegant Mary. You have made a bold choice and it works so beautifully. x

  13. We had a library in our Greensboro house that was painted dark blue and I loved it. The painter that I hired to do it was skeptical of my choice, which I thought was funny at the time. I love your blue. Hugs, Penny


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