Friday, February 14, 2014

While on the subject………………

……………and just in case you haven't seen enough snow, birds, squirrels etc., here's a few more pics from the storm I just had to share. Please be patient with me until the daffodils are blowing in the Spring breeze.

~ Click on photos for details ~

I always enjoy standing on someone's head - and my feet stay much warmer too!

This is MY tree!

Just wanted to tell you that my mate and I are being well fed…

…in fact we hope it continues to snow then 'she' will 
keep making us these yummy peanut butter and 
sunflower seed bird cookies!!

Thank you Mr. Mailman for slinging those chains on 
your truck, then braving the ice and freezing temps 
to bring us all that junk mail yesterday! 

Note: We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and are never plowed by the city - even though we pay our fair share of taxes! Also, we're on the end of a power grid so are always last to get our electricity restored after an outage. Keeping fingers crossed until this storm is long gone.

Yes, I haven't forgotten it's St. Valentine's Day.
Here is my love, sporting his Red Sox cap and braving 
the elements to refill the bird feeder, at my request, 
several times during the snow and 
ice storm---now that's love.

Have a wonderful day with hearts, flowers, and of course chocolate!


  1. What a lovely squirrel! I bet he is glad to find food.

  2. Sweet Bob! Happy Valentine's Day to you both.

  3. Dear Mary, I love this post. And I love the "Squirrel stories". Wishing you and your Love a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  4. Had to laugh about the squirrel saying that it was HIS tree! Love these photos, and it's nice to see a portrait of your sweetie. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. We got over 2 feet of snow and they are saying there is another storm on the way. I think I have to go somewhere .. south. Very far south :)

  6. The poses of the animals are super. I love the squirrel on the angels head. I'll be waiting for the daffodils to be blowing in the spring breezes too.

  7. As far as I'm concerned you can keep right on sharing your bird and squirrel photos. They are wonderful and that squirrel claiming the tree as his own had me laughing.
    Your mail carrier is braver than ours apparently. No mail delivery for us yesterday. Hope your power is staying ON.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie.

  8. Looking good Bob. We old farts wear well, eh?

  9. Hi Mary, I enjoyed seeing all the birds and critters that you are feeding during the storms. You've had a lot of snow for your area! AS we're in Calgary, our home province is having a blizzard that started last night. I'm sure it's the tail end of your storm and there is more coming for them tomorrow! I'm glad we're in sunny Calgary where the temperature is at the freezing mark. Happy Valentine's day! Pamela

  10. Lovely birds,
    Lovely husband for filling the feeders,
    oh those squirrels, and that mailman
    wonderful he is doing his delivery so
    dependably. Hope your snow is soon
    gone and the sun is shining once again.
    Happy Valentine's to you also.
    xoxo m

  11. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend. Lovely photos. I know the birds and squirrels appreciate your generosity. '-)

  12. Very nice artistic shots. love them all.


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