Thursday, May 15, 2014

A new, beautiful space in the shopping center ~~~

Do I feel spoiled? You bet I do.
We now have an Anthropologie store just across the street.
It opened last week and I had a few minutes to stop by on Tuesday.
I didn't have a camera so took a few not so great pics with my iPhone.

Anthropologie has had a store in Durham, a twenty minute drive, 
for a few years and I loved visiting with my sweet friend Vanessa who
lived near there.  
Vanessa is now living in Charlotte, NC - "girlfriend, I 
miss you so much".
Having one just two minutes from the cottage is going to be dangerous!
When I walked in I was amazed at how they'd taken several previous small 
stores, wrapping around a corner, and turned it into a super bright open space. 
Their corporate designers are awesome, and the local individuals who decorate 
the stores are always full of wonderful surprises.
As you can see, again there are my much-loved wood plank floors, the 
ones that inspired my new - old looking - cottage floors here. 

I didn't even get around to taking pics of all the colorful Spring/Summer 
clothing hanging, folded and such - but I assure you it was all there along with 
such pretty items for the house and garden.

I did peek in the fitting rooms and loved the hand-painted stools.
The summer-weight cobalt sweater was gorgeous!

The selection of books was fabulous, including several decorating and cook books 
which I've had on my wish list for some time. So, with no time to try on clothes, 
I picked a beautiful book - I'll post on that another time.

Do you shop at Anthropologie? 
Do you live close to a store and enjoy just wandering about admiring the layout
and artistic features?  I know the merchandise is somewhat expensive - is it a store
where you shop for yourself, or perhaps purchase gifts? 
I have to admit I've done both.


  1. Hello Mary:

    How wonderful to have such a store minutes away from you. We know of 'Anthropologie' from on line but have never actually seen one of their shops. How we should like to!! Perhaps they have plans to open in Budapest but, very sadly, we rather think that that is not the case. Maybe as well for we, like you, would perhaps be too often tempted. Have fun and enjoy.

  2. Dangerous is the word! I have shopped online for someone else at Anthropologie. It will provide lots of inspiration!

  3. Aren't you lucky. I'd be shopping there, for sure. I did buy quite a bit at Christmas on-line from Anthropologie. Loved it all.

  4. There is not an Anthropoligie store here, but when I lived in Naples, Florida I went in one all of the time. I have purchased items there both as gifts and for myself. I love the way they merchandise...
    p.s. look forward to seeing you when ever you and Bob can come this way.

  5. Oh my! Lucky, lucky you! Withing walking distance. That is awesome! And definitely dangerous. I love, love, love Anthro and, of course, there is not one here. Though we did get Pottery Barn a couple of years ago which I was surprised about. But Anthropologie takes design to a whole nother level. That cobalt blue sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I did buy some things there a few summers ago, on sale. A necklace, some seed bombs ... I can't even remember what else. Even just wandering in there is a true pleasure. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Mary, I'm happy for you that this new store is so close. Anthropologie stores are full of inspiration. I like to just wander in and take in the creative displays. I leave feeling as if I've been away on a mini trip. Yes, I shop for gifts, as well as for myself, though not many of their clothes are appropriate for me. '-) Now dishes and home goods……….that's a different story entirely!

  7. I reckon you could whip up one of those chairs or stools for the back garden. Would go well with your shed.

  8. That's one of my favorite stores! I love the displays - very inspiring and creative. Our Anthropologie also stocks vintage and antique pieces. Have fun there, Mary! Cheers

  9. What a pleasure to have an Anthro so close! Whenever I stop in one I think what a dream job it would be to style such an eclectic store like this. I don't look too much at the clothes, my daughters so. I just love the books and cute dishes...something for everyone and inspiration by the tons!


  10. I love this store, but most often leave empty handed.
    It is a bit expensive, but I get such great ideas there.
    If I do buy it is for myself. I would love one being that close,
    because I could stroll through often and snatch up a bargain
    when I found one. My hair dresser use to be near one and
    I would stop in after visiting her, but she moved. Now it is
    more of an effort to stop by. I must make the effort, truly I must.
    Thanks for inspiring me to go strolling through Anthropology.

  11. I love Anthropologie! But the nearest one is very far away. So you can imagine my jealousy that you have one across the street! Enjoy, my friend.


  12. Dangerous, indeed! I'd love to wander through an Anthropologie store whenever I could. But I have to take a ferry and brave downtown Vancouver to do so. I think I've only been in one A store ever. Maybe two. I'm seriously deprived.

  13. There is no Anthropologie on the Island, but I visited one in Edmonton last month and loved it. I can only imagine the temptations should there be one within visiting distance! Lucky you!

  14. I've never been in an Anthropologie store but took photos of the store windows in NYC. :) It looks wonderful and that would be fun to be 2 minutes away from one. Behave yourself, Mary. :)

  15. I know I would love to shop at Anthropologie - I've read about it on other blogs and visited it on line too!!
    Lucky you Mary!

  16. Oh, my goodness, to have an Anthro so close by - I cannot imagine it! How very lucky are you! I recently moved to a small town where the nearest one is at least an hour away. But where I lived before I had one within minutes and it was always a treat to visit. I adore their book selection so I'm delighted to see you included your lovely photo of that display. Cindy from


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