Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The art of design ~~~

If you're there too late to enter, window shopping at an Anthropologie store is akin
to visiting an art gallery. If you appreciate creativity, the window displays are always
Leaving an adjacent restaurant Sunday evening after celebrating a family birthday, 
the shop had already closed - granddaughter Jasmin sighed in disappointment, me 
silently thankful I would not be shuffling through my bag for a credit card!  
Any serious shopping was impossible. 

BUT the windows, as always, were a treat. If you look closely, 
you will see that the butterfly wings are made of hundreds of individual butterflies cut
from paper, really sensational.
Jasmin fell for the dress and I know she would look great in it!
We both loved the wingsand more art in other windows.
This is our just opened neighborhood Anthropologie, I know we'll be spending
a lot of time here.

Many very creative people decorate this company's stores, and those who have moved on
to open their own business in the world of design and art are doing very well.
Australian designer, author, and Sydney shopkeeper Sibella Courtand American 
Leslie Oshmann of SWARM, now residing in Amsterdam come to mind. 


  1. Hello Mary:

    We really can only echo what you have said, "Sensational". We are always in awe of the incredible window displays to be found in major stores, and often small businesses too, and can only wonder at the talent, creativity and imagination of those who put them together. They truly are inspirational.

  2. What an amazing piece of art! I love windows such as this as they draw you not into the products they are trying to sell, but the thought and artistic direction to create something so beautiful that will make you stop and stare. Wonderful! x

  3. Window shopping at its finest! Nothing like a locked door to allow a credit card to cool off. =D

  4. I have always enjoyed the displays created at Anthro...Those wings are amazing.

  5. Those butterfly wings are awesome. And the dress is pretty nice, too. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  6. Love the butterfly winds and the dress too.
    Oh you make me want to venture there soon.
    I always love their windows, as you say they are so creative!

  7. What a stunning display, it truly is art gallery worthy. Have you gone back for the dress yet?

  8. Hello Mary. The butterfly window dressing is stunning. I can just imagine the fun the designers have playing with paper and scissors. No Anthropolgie near me, so I enjoy it vicariously when others post photos.

  9. My guess is that the butterflies and the long dress are in reference/a nod to the Dries Van Noten exhibit at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. There was a huge circle with real (unfortunate, in my mind) butterfly wings with a long dress on a mannequin, but to the right of the circle. You might be able to google it, as I'm unable to attach a picture to the comments.


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