Thursday, November 13, 2014

Before the frost hits the pumpkins. . . . . .

. . . . . I decided another day outside in the garden was definitely required.
Yesterday, very warm, lovely sunshine. . . . . short sleeves and a sun hat required.
Bob mowed the lawn, last time for this year most likely.
I topped up the pots containing the newly planted tulip bulbs with a little more soil and 
a layer of mini bark nuggets - hopefully this will keep the digging squirrels at bay.
played with relocated the still good pumpkins which are too nice to throw out. 
I may even try roasting some of these as all pumpkins are supposedly edible!
Angel trumpets still unfurling so haven't cut them to the ground but will have to very soon.
A few Knockout roses still blooming.
Japanese cut leaf maple turning color. . . . . . 
. . . . . all the trees are so beautiful now.  We enjoyed our afternoon cuppa 
in the gazebo watching the leaves drift down on the breeze, and 
listening to bird songs.
A definite change is in the air. 
The blast of very cold air from the north will hit the southeast by Friday 
with below freezing temperatures at night, but yesterday……..ahhhh, it was 
close to perfection for me and my garden.


  1. It looks so beautiful and warm there, Mary. I love the first photo of the pumpkins in the urn and the angel trumpets are exquisite. Enjoy your warm day before the cold comes. It has arrived here - the cold that is.

  2. Dear Mary, It all still looks so beautiful and you have taken such lovely shots of your garden. You still have so much color. I am so glad that you had this perfect day to enjoy.
    Everything is grey and sad looking around here. Soon, the snow will cover all and I can enjoy the winter scenes.

  3. Your back yard is beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy the last little bit of warm autumn weather.

  4. What a difference a few hours drive to the east is here in our state! We have been in the 60's the last couple of days, but winds have made it seem more in the 50's. Our leaves are mostly gone now except for a few bronze oak leaves clinging to the branches. Today is foggy and in the 40's.

  5. How lovely it all looks with the leaves on the ground and on the trees. I spent a few hours on Tuesday in the garden and I think that will be about it for the winter. We'll still need to mow the lawn once more, but the chill has arrived, although I don't mind a bit because when it's a bitt chilly here, it's usually sunny. Otherwise grey skies and rain prevail.
    Your back yard looks so lovely. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Stay cozy in the face of the coming cold.

  6. I do enjoy reading about your world. It is so different from mine.
    We have had a few showers already so everything is green and lush again. Cruise liners bring tourists from the northern hemisphere. Bats are having a wonderful time feasting on mangoes. The big school exams are nearly over as are the uni exams. Time to relax. This is Paradise.

  7. Mary, I love the pumpkins stacked on and beside the urn. All of mine are grouped on the front porch now because the ones I had on the sunporch began to rot. One was a big mess! And smelly too! ;-(
    It's already cold here. Supposed to be in the 20s tonight. Hoping the forecast is off. I don't want my newly planted winter annuals to get nipped. They should be fine if it doesn't drop too much below freezing.
    Glad you stopped by. Wish we could share a cup of tea in person. '-)

  8. Your garden looks wonderful! Enjoy these last few minutes of Autumn. Winter has arrived in Fort Worth (it is 33F as I type this - feels like 26F - it's that time of year when we worry with "Wind Chill") and it is headed your way.

  9. Hope you are not too cold today. I love all of your pictures of the dwindling autumn leaves and the pumpkins. Your deck and gazebo look so welcoming.

  10. Hi Mary,

    It's the first time I've seen your pretty patio, and it is the epitome of autumn radiance out there, under the copper leaves, surrounded still by blooming roses. How wonderful it must be to sit for a spot of tea, while listening to all your neighbours chat away - i.e., the birds and the bees and the critters that you can't see!;)

    Happy weekend, my friend!



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