Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lanterns, light and smiling friends . . . . . . .

Sometimes our little part of this vast world needs some light.
Not a cold, bare incandescent bulb switched on at the wall.
A soft, warm gentle light from a candle carefully placed inside a lantern.

There are lanterns of every description available today, but don't you agree that the 
paper lantern is still the most beautiful?  With battery/remote control operated wax candles, 
even they are safe to light, and are especially wonderful for the garden.

Below is one of my all time favorite paintings.
This amazing artist was a southern girl from Louisville, Kentucky. 
She lived to be almost one hundred and completed her last painting at the 
grand age of ninety.

Helen M. Turner ~ American Impressionist ~ 1858-1958
Girl with Lantern

My corner of the world definitely requires brightness right now.
I'll share the shadows with you later, meanwhile I'm putting all that
behind me and heading to our beautiful North Carolina mountains tomorrow.
During our little break there we'll meet up with two of my longtime, dearest 
blogging friends. With their smiles, and the possibility of light snow in the forecast, 
I have a feeling the days will be bright, so I'll take my boots and leave my lanterns 
here at home!

I hope to have photos to share from Asheville later - you know it's my
favorite place to treasure hunt.


  1. That is a beautiful painting, Mary. One that would look lovely in so many homes. I hope you do find your 'light' today and enjoy your time with friends. Sending a big hug. Deb

  2. That painting is quite lovely. I am so sorry that some shadows are visiting your life right now. I will pray for light to shine! Oh, I wish that Mr. Jim was feeling good enough for a little jaunt right now to meet up with you and your hubby. We will have to plan a rendezvous at a later date! I hope that you have a wonderful visit with blogging friends and some grand relaxation.

    1. We would love to see you and Mr. Jim also Donna - perhaps we can meet up some day in the not too distant future.
      Hugs - Mary

  3. That is a beautiful painting Mary. Yes, we did get our snow overnight. Pictures on my blog post. The roads are clear though. Safe travels!

  4. So sorry to hear that your corner could use some brightness, Mary. I do hope you find just that in your visit with friends in the mountains. Sometimes those little getaways have great restorative properties.
    The painting is beautiful and the artist is new to me. Love how she painted right up until age 90.

  5. Have a wonderful, safe adventure to Asheville. Visiting with dear blog friends
    and antiquing too will be good for the soul. I do love the painting, thanks for
    sharing it. Oh paper lanterns just make me smile. I have 3 I put out in the
    rose covered trellis in our backyard during the warmer months. On of them has
    a light the rejuvenates with the sun each day and shine like a moon for me each
    night. I call it my very own moon. It has been brought in for the winter now and
    I do miss it. I plan on adding more to the menagerie of lanterns.

  6. Travel toward the light my dear. I will pray that you reach it.
    Enjoy wonderful Asheville.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Helen Turner and that happy "Girl with Lantern" painting. Hope your days and nights are brighter. Enjoy your travels with friends.

  8. A trip with friends sounds like a sure way to chase off some shadows. I have hpread of the joys of thrifing and antiquing in Ashville. Hope that there won't be any snow so you don't even have to think about it.

  9. I hope your little jaunt helps bring some light into your world. Candlelight is so beautiful, soft and warm.


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