Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Painted curtains - extraordinaire!

I love the idea of taking a painter's canvas drop cloth and turning it into 
beautiful art.  I'm certain this is what was used to make these amazing wall 
hangings . . . . .seen at Asheville's fabulous ScreenDoor Antiques.
I could have, should have, would have bought the 'curtains', 
ifhad a place to hang them.


  1. They were even more beautiful in person, weren't they?

  2. They're PAINTED curtains? I didn't know people did that. Or are they canvas? Whatever, they certainly look good - and it would make a change from the wallpaper...

  3. There is something of the 'magic' about these images Mary

  4. Very pretty and something I wouldn't have thought of, but would love having.

  5. Dear Mary, I'm not surprised that you love these "wall paintings" They are beautiful. We use painter drop cloths for shading our Pergola. They are inexpensive and practically indestructible.

  6. It looks very decorative Mary! If my hallway would have been larger I would like to have had a painting like this one on the wall, or perhaps an English landscape :-)

    Madelief x


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