Thursday, November 6, 2014

When something is broken . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . the road of life can take a different turn.
There are often bumps, some so large they look like mountains.
Can you climb and reach the summit, plant your celebratory 
flag, then start back down and live life again as it 
used to be?

The not so nice things aging brings demand strength and positive feelings. 
When one has to overcome a physical challenge, we know we 
can't become that bonnie bouncing baby again, or the falling toddler 
jumping up, dusting itself off, and running away to play despite a scraped 
knee and perhaps hurt pride.
Are we able to regain the life we had perhaps 
just a short time back? Isn't that really all we want, expect?

ScreenDoor Antiques, Asheville, North Carolina

I do not have a broken bone, however a quite unexpected large tear of 
the labrum of my left hip has been diagnosed - courtesy of several x-rays and 
a classical music/jack-hammer playing MRI machine. 
This past month much time has been spent in doctors' offices, and in the 
competent hands of a physiotherapist who contorted my body in ways I've not 
experienced in years . . . . . but did nothing to alleviate the pain. 
However, pictures from the magical MRI machine tell all.

Last Thursday the orthopedic specialist questioned whether I've been 

playing too much ice hockey or dancing en pointe! This is often an injury found 
in athletes and ballerinas who do strange and beautiful moves with their hips.
Or, and here it comes, could I just be getting old and wearing out - yes I think 
that hits the nail on the head as I've not been in an accident or sustained a recent fall.

Last Friday, very early, and I mean before dawn, I dragged myself to the radiologist 

and my hip was injected with anesthesia and steroids. My pain has become 
intense over the past three months, sitting and lying down is awful, sleep difficult, 
walking not so bad thank goodness. I was able to enjoy the trip to Asheville with 
plenty of rest between the walking.
So what's next? 
I fear it will be either arthroscopic surgery with staples and thread, or perhaps a
complete hip replacement. 

Have you ever had hip surgery or a hip replacement?
My diagnosis is - Large Labral Tear of Left Hip.
Later, when I find out just what I may be facing, I'll be really interested 
in chatting with people who have undergone anything such as this. 
To date I have no bionic parts, but it's likely that might change soon.
 I'll be grateful for any info which might assist in making the right decision - this 
old gal wants to get her life back.


  1. Mary, I have not had a hip replacement, however a good friend did have a complete hip replacement this past summer. Her recovery time was quick. She said she still gets stiff, but is so much more comfortable than before. I was surprised at the quick recuperation period. Good luck with your decision. Please keep us posted. Bonnie

  2. You will be so happy when your life if back. It will feel like you can almost dance again.
    Pain is such an exhausting thing to deal with. I am so sorry you have to walk this walk.
    Take care, dear Mary! I know you will make the right decision and feel better for doing so.
    xoxoxo m

  3. I had not such a thing but I know at least 3 people who got a hip replacement and all are doing really good (two of them are older than you are) so my best advice is "do it" to live your life at the fullest! My best wishes and keeping fingers crossed for you. Keep us upadated, please. xxx

  4. So sorry to hear this Mary. I know several people who have had hip and/or knee replacements and it has given them a new lease of life so even if surgery is necessary it isn't all doom and gloom. Take care,

  5. Mary, so sorry to hear that news. I do hope that your Drs can suggest something that might not be as radical as surgery.

  6. Dear Mary, You have always lived such an active lifestyle... and being able to do as you like is so important to you. I am so sorry to hear that you are having difficulties. I will be thinking of you and wishing you a quick and easy solution. ox, Gina

  7. Dear Mary, both of my hips have been replaced. Left hip in 2004 and right hip in 2008. I'm seventy-three now ~ you can do the math! I had horrible osteoarthritis in both hips and had lived with the pain for years ~ too long (through running, tennis, etc.) Best thing ever I did as I have lived in comfort since. The surgery isn't a walk in the park, but with proper rehab you will be as good as new and ready to climb the cliffs of Dover once again! You certainly may ask any questions of me!

  8. Sending you hugs and wishes that whatever path the mending takes, it heals quickly and you are back on your feet in no time

  9. Pain debilitates one not only physically, but emotionally and mentally, too. I'm glad you have a diagnosis and I hope and pray for good relief from the pain. Aging isn't for wussies.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about this health development for you, Mary. I suppose that wear and tear of joints are inevitable, especially when you are active.

    Mr. Jim had hip replacement three years ago, and he did splendidly. He would have been 67 at the time. He says that the overall pain level was less than before the surgery within a day. We found a wonderful rehab facility and he checked in for three weeks. Medicare paid everything except for a private room surcharge - even laundry! It was the key for him to bounce back quickly because he got personal one-on-one therapy twice a day, except for Sundays. The food and staff at the place were exceptional. He also had a great surgeon who solely specializes in hip replacements. Once he got home, he was doing everything normally except for bending over on that side. (It takes several months for the tendons to settle back in before you do any extreme bending, or else the joint will pop out of place.)

    I had a total knee replacement five years ago. Very painful. Tons of rehab. I even had to have the joint forcibly bent after 8 weeks to break scar tissue. It was a bad knee for 20 years, however, so atrophy had taken its toll. Ligaments are removed, unfortunately, as part of the procedure. I used to have excellent balance. Now my balance isn't worth a flip. And I have chronic pain in all of the ligaments and tendons around the joint. The knee is several inches bigger around than my good one, thanks to permanent inflammation swelling. So thank your lucky stars that your knees are good! Hip replacements are a piece of cake compared to knees!

  11. Mary, Wishing you good luck with your hip issue. Hopefully all will go well and you will be back in shape in no time. So sorry I missed seeing you when you were in Asheville. Take care. xo, Penny

  12. I am young still (nearing 38) so while I have known some who have had this procedure, the best I can do is pray and light a candle for you. I sure hope it all gets better soon!

  13. A friend has had both hips replaced and another friend just one replaced. They are the happiest people I've ever seen, after watching them go through untold agony before the surgery - pain that wouldn't allow them to walk, sit or lie down without almost crying. It seems to be the most wonderful surgery there could possibly be. The friend with the one hip replaced even has a prettier face - no longer contorted with the awful pain - she's a completely different person. I hope you get relief soon - nothing is so bad as pan that won't stop nagging. It just wears you down.

  14. Labrum hip repair - "the new 'in-surgery' after A-Rod had it in 2009". Wow, you and A-Rod have something in common! I hope whichever choice you make ends up being the best for you, dear.

  15. I am sorry to hear that you have been going through this, Mary. Pain is such a hard thing to deal with.
    I know a few people who have had knee replacements, but when I think of hip replacements, my mind goes to Martha Stewart. I recall watching her show several years ago and she had just had the surgery.
    I'm glad to see that you are receiving comments from those who have firsthand experience. It's always helpful and a comfort to talk with others who have been there.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that it won't be long before you will be pain free once again.

  16. Hello my dearest, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I remember you said something about not feeling so well and the pain. I know Ryan's grandmother had this procedure done and that her recovery time was really fast. I'll be praying for you my dear. Much love, Vanessa

  17. Oh my goodness Mary dear you have been served a curved ball.
    My dear mother had a hip replacement in her late eighties!
    It's a common procedure over here, as with knee replacements which I fear could be on my agenda in the not too distant future!
    However, I can’t give you any first hand advice – yet….!
    I imagine for all of us as we age, there will be some 'replacement' required. Aren't we lucky we now have the option.
    I want to think that soon you’ll be like the little girl who fell and grazed her knee – once surgery is done and dusted, you will pick yourself up and once again take off with Bob exploring more of this wonderful world we live in!
    Take care dear Mary, I hope you now have some pain relief so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.
    Please keep us posted.
    With love and big warm hugs
    Shane xox

  18. I took time today to read through your posts and figure out what you were hinting at in your message to me. Sorry to hear you're in pain, but relieved to hear you've taken steps to remedy the situation. Here's what I know about surgery and recovery: Get a stack of your favorite movies and books and prepare to be home for a while. Have your surgery (take your pain meds), do the therapy, and slowly get on with your life. Perhaps your Muse will visit and inspire you during your inactivity (healing takes time and quiet). Now might be the time to write that book you've been dreaming about. Word of caution: Make notes. I prepared for knee surgery and creating a new wedding album for us (it was to be a Christmas gift to my husband). I got reprints of our wedding photos, gathered bits and pieces of different things I wanted in this album... only a week or two after my surgery I thought about my project ... to this day I have not found the pictures! The album sits quietly waiting for me to get my act together and .... nothing. Can't find the new photos, but my knee is working fine. Take care of yourself.


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