Monday, January 26, 2015

Australia: A Very Special Land. . . . . . . . .


To my dear Australian friends who welcomed me warmly to their beautiful, 
amazing land - from east to west I loved it all and hope to return some day.


  1. Dearest Mary

    Oh you are so sweet to your international friends!
    Such gorgeous photos of Sydney where I lived for several years - I miss it too!

    We always celebrate our Auckland Anniversary Day too on the same day - the last Monday in January.
    There is a huge yachting regatta on the harbour, which my husband has been part of for many years.
    This year the Viaduct harbour theme was all about engaging with children - lot's of interactive projects and performances!

    We are having a magical summer here and I don't want it to end - apart from trying to keep my garden alive with water restrictions.

    I see your comments on Vicki Archer's blog - she is inspirational - her Florence posts made me want to pack my bag and run away! Would you come with too Mary..ha ha!


  2. I have a dear friend who is from Sydney originally. I have always wanted to visit Australia but haven't yet. Lucky you, to have so many travels and people to relate to. Hope you are staying warm Mary. Loved the looks of your flat bread pizza.

  3. Dear Mary, what a really great photo of the Opera House, and the reflections of the city in the building. Not being from Sydney I don't know which building that one is! So glad you enjoyed you visits here, and do so hope you'll head over soon. Thank you for thinking of us all down under x

  4. We have friends who are family to our daughter's husband living in Perth. Daughter and family are going for a visit there soon. I would love to visit there one day. Your photos are beautiful. The one of the glass building and Opera House is really stunning.

  5. I love that second photo, such a different angle than what is usually shown.
    What lovely memories you have of travel in Australia.


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